Faerie Star Spread


Hi lovely people!

I have just been given a wonderful burst of oracular creativity and have made my very first spread that I would like to share with you all and get your opinion of! :party:

Faerie Star Spread

This is based on the seven pointed fae star and the correspondences for each point.

I decided to lay the cards out starting from the bottom left point and continuing on as if I was drawing the star. The final card I chose from the base of the deck, I'm not sure why; it just felt right.


1. The Forrest - The deep dark recesses / undeveloped knowledge/potential
2. The Sun - The Divine Spark that burns within
3. The Sea - Dreams / Intuition / Emotion
4. The Wind - The Change to be made
5. Magic - The Manifestation
6. Spirit - The Connection to be made
7. The Moon - The Light in the Dark
8. The Apple - The Whole (and over/under view)

I had a quick go with this once it was completed and got a very lovely message telling me this was all exactly as it was meant to be with this spread. I got a distinct feeling of satisfaction and pride from the cards along with a pat on the back and a "well done!" that brought me to tears :party:


So now I would like to offer a few readings using this spread (i will be using my froud Faeries Oracle) so I can get the hang of it. Please be aware though, I will be taking this slow and easy so I can fully get to know this spread properly.

I have only a few rules before you get posting:

1. I would like a bit of feedback on the spread itself PLUS some detailed feedback on the reading I do for you - I put effort into the readings I give and appreciate it when I get a bit of effort in return

2. Types of questions:
- No repeat questions please. My faeries can get a bit stroppy when they have to repeat themselves over and over
- No questions about what is in other peoples heads
- No health or legal questions. While I am a qualified beauty therapist I am by no means a doctor or lawyer

3. You are quite welcome to ask for a general message :)

Fee :love:


I would love to sit for feedback, what do I need to know about pursuing butterfly pea kombucha brewing as a source of income; starting a kombucha business?


Good morning.
Can I sit? I like your readings and this deck :)
A general message for me please.



I just sat down with my decks and put Fairy Nightsongs album on youtube :)

May I sit please?

I have a bit of an usual request. Snake keeps showing itself to me in dream world and physical realm. Could I ask, Why? I did some researching and it says transformation. I am in a huge transformation process but what exactly is it that Snake keeps appearing everywhere. Powerful snakes too. First, a Coral. Then a Rattlesnake. My real life ones were both black racers.

So, guess that'd be Why is Snake making himself so present in my life transformation?

Thank you much! I love this spread :)


Great link! I think waiting to see how the spread reads is best for advice. It all looks spot on for cohesive flow to me, so far. I did notice the cards and the points did not have the same spots, like how 1 in the spread is forrest but 1 on the site is sun. Is that personal preference or...? I do like that #8Apple at the end. Nice final spot for an overview!


There is a note somewhere in there that says something about the points not having designated spots. I assume the numbers were just for making is easier to read so that's how I used my numbers.

The positions, for me, reflect where I feel each element fits. The Forest is on the ground and reachs up towards the Sun, so the Forest needed to be in one of the bottom positions with the Sun directly above, and because I draw the star starting from the bottom left and felt this spread needed to start from the ground up the bottom left was the perfect place for the Forest to be.

Bah I hope I explained that right lol!

I like the Apple too :D it didn't feel complete without it


yes you explained just as I had imagined lol it made sense to start with the forest in the bottom. I was comparing the two and wondering why in the world the sun would be in the bottom left. That's where I start my pentagrams So as a number 1 spot, it flowed naturally to me.


Hello Fee! If you're still giving readings, may I ask for a general?


I would love to sit for feedback, what do I need to know about pursuing butterfly pea kombucha brewing as a source of income; starting a kombucha business?

Hi Kittysashimi :)

Bear with me while I bumble through this first reading...

OK, so, I've decided that any jumper cards will go directly into the spread otherwise this will get out of control. You had one jumper.

The Forest - G. Hobyah Rx
You are right to be cautious, take a look at things carefully and don't rush in.

The Sun - Geeeeeooo the Slow Rx
Make sure you aren't rushing into things, take a moment to slow down and look at all of the options

The Sea - The Glanconer
Be careful of being blinded by lust for this project. Make sure you look at all of the details and get all the information you need.

The Wind - The Singer of the Chalice Rx
Trust is the process. Be open to creativity and let you chalice be filled.

Magic - The Guardian at the Gate Rx
This particular direction isn't quite ready for you yet. But don't despair, you may just need to take care of a few other things before this door fully opens for you.

Spirit - Ekstasis
Seek help. Seek connections, if you can't find them don't worry they are always there. Everything is linked.

The Moon - Honesty
Clarity is needed. Clarity of thought. Clarity of ideas. Clarity of direction. Clarity of speech.

The Apple - A Collective of Pixies Rx
Make sure you know what you are supposed to do before you go and do it. You don't jump into a river without first looking to see what's below.

I hope this make sense!

Faerie blessings :love: