Faeries and other divination tools


Greetings all!
Well I have been playing with my Faeries a lot recently, especially since I've started singing to them they have really made their appearence present to me :)
So, I started to think ohh what if I can get the amazing and very chatty faeries to work with my other decks. The crazy person in me made me pick up the Thoth at first (because old Uncle Al would so love the fey.. hehe) but the faeries backed away. No no, we have our own darkness as well as our light, we dont need any extra darkness from him! (though a few were interested in the prospect of the experiment, they didnt want to dirty their wings)!
So they werent in favour of that idea, so I started to use them with my Druidcraft and my Revelations tarot and they like weaving their magic between the two decks. I get so much that its difficult to stop the reading because they get on like two gossipy grannys over the garden fence lol.
This morning, I picked up my runes for the first time in ages. I went through them all and could remember most of them. I could feel the faeries looking at the stones, touching the nice rose quartz and feeling the grooves of the runes on them. I did a quick reading with my runes about how they would get on with the fey, and it was an amazing reading! All this from remembering stuff from a year or so ago when I worked with runes intensely.

Do you use your faeries oracle with tarot, runes or any other divination sets? What have you found works well and doesnt?
Does anyone know if the germanic peoples believed in faeries?