Faeries as Careers


I've been thinking about my career path lately and decided to ask the faeries what career would be right for me.

I pulled Penelope Dreamweaver. As you can imagine, I'm sure, this seems perplexing. Maybe the message is, rather cheekily, "whatever inspires you most." However, I'm intrigued about the possibilities for career representation in the deck. I've seen many posts about Rider-Waite cards and the careers they represent, but none so far about the Faeries.

What do you think the cards could represent?

I think Ffaff the Footer could be a podiatrist.
Gawtcha could be a therapist who specializes in immersion therapy for traumatized people.
G.Hobyah could also be a therapist who specializes in immersion therapy for traumatized people or people with severe phobias.
The Pook could be an arbitrator or mediator. Or he could be a mathematician who specializes in paradoxes.
The Bodacious Bodach is that irritating passive aggressive coworker who helps you in the wrong ways so you won't ever ask him to do anything again. Hmm he could be the head of HR!
Luathas is an entrepreneur.
Gloominous Doom is taking some time off from work to take care of yourself.
The Soul Shrinker is a defamation lawyer.
Epona's Wild Daughter is a therapist who specializes in depression. She could also be a sleep therapist.
Death could be so many things, but I'm thinking mortician, executioner, the kind of person who is hired to come in and fire people then transition them to another career (there are people who specialize in this work).

I'll post more ideas later. Please contribute, even if you disagree with me!

I'm still trying to work out Penelope's message to me.


What a great idea cattarot! :heart:

These are some off the top of my head (so pardon me if any of them are a little odd; I tried not to filter lol). Also, this is just adding on - I don't disagree with any of your choices. :)

The Green Woman - herbalist
Himself - shaman, psychonaut
The Faun - gardener, park ranger, veterinarian
Ffaff the Footer - reflexologist, shoemaker, pedicurist
Gawtcha - psychological debriefing
Laiste of the Shadows - paramedic, addictions counselor
O! That Gnome - bartender, Gonzo journalist, comedian (but more of the George Carlin type)
The Laume - charity work, flight attendant
The Sage - lawyer or a judge (as the "scales of justice are balanced in his hands"), doctor, shaman, clergy
Gloominous Doom - photographer (IDK, that's what he told me... and because he makes me smile!)
The Pook - mime... or anything having to do with the circus
Spirit Dancer - dancer (especially interpretive dance), acting, anything performance related, painter
The Piper - anything music related
Penelope Dreamweaver - seamstress, craftsperson, interior decorator, or a motivational speaker
The Rarr - personal trainer, fitness instructor, professional cheerleader, comedian, electrician, or anything having to do with fireworks
Mickle a Muckle - farmer (he is a merry grig), schoolteacher for wee children
The Faery Godmother - dentist (lol just kidding... or am I?)
Honesty - critic
Bodacious Bodach - detective, spy (he always struck me as sneaky)
Luathas the Wild - racecar driver, stunt double
Tobaira - anything having to do with caring for the water, clean water activist, marine biologist
The Fee Lion - security (he reminds me of people who work at museums and glare at you so you don't touch anything... not that I try to touch things at museums... but they're always suspicious!)
Epona's Wild Daughter - prison guard (a little dreary perhaps?)
Losgunna - tour guide, or anything having to do with a spa... or scuba diver
Indi - wedding planner (or anything else having to do with a million decisions)
The Lady of the Harvest - grief counselor
Ilbe the Retriever - golfer, or someone who collects and resells antiques
Iris of the Rainbows - meteorologist
The Master Maker - professor, instructor
The Undressing of a Salad - chef
The Glanconer - car salesman
The Bright Mother - daycare, nursing
Myk the Myomancer - director
Ta'Om the Poet - I think he'd advise us to quit the job thing and go out on the open road and then write a book about it

And of course, any of them would be propenents of environmental activism ;)

Anyway, that's still not all of them... but what fun that was! (And also, I agree that perhaps Penelope is saying to trust your intuition by following what inspires you the most...)


Thanks, Lalalibra. Your job list is amazing. I agree with all of them.