Faeries - companion music CD


Yesterday, I was at the music shop looking for some New Year's musical indulgement so I saw this "Faeries" CD that is supossed to be companion for Brian Froud's art, I'd like to hear some reviews of this CD from people who actually uses the oracle, is it worthy to buy it even if you don't own the deck? do the included music really helps you with your oracle and/or Tarot readings? Thank you in advance for your answers.


I haven't seen nor heard this CD so I can't speak on it myself, but it sounds intriguing! I hope to hear more as well....

A long time ago (ok 2 years ago) a member named Khatruman made Faery Oracle reading CDs and I got a copy, along with a few other regular FO members of then. It's GREAT for reading by, a wonderful compilation of many sorts of music. I should listen to that again....


Most excellant link Fulgour, thank you.

I shall be checking this CD out further. Searching Amazon now as we speak. They do have listed a CD called Faeries Musical Companion but there is not picture and Amazons descriptions leave a lot to be desired. Perhaps I will take a run to Borders and see if this is the same one.
I will let you know what I find. It sounds like a CD that is right up my alley, relaxation and meditation...good for sleeping ;)

September Pixie

anyone know of a site where we can hear samples of it?

September Pixie

oh oopsie you can, thanks :)


I use Loreena McKennit for Fae music.

But I want to listen to this. Thanks for posting it.


I ended up having to order this cd from Amazon. I checked out Borders but they were out of stock...go figure.


I finally got my cd and popped it into the computer to listen to it today. I was pleasantly surprised at the small booklet that was enclosed with the cd and the card from Lady Cottingham's album. But what really surprised me was the graphics on the cd. Not only music...but an interview with Brian Froud as well as a small animation of faerie drawings. Excerpt from Lady Cottinghams and some newly released faerie drawings.
So I sat here watching the little clips from my computer while I enjoyed the tunes.

I am glad that I did not just throw it into the cd player, otherwise I would have never known about the extras ;)

Oh... and I found the music delightful too :D