Faerie's in search of good home.


I recently purchased the Faerie Oracle and decided it wasn't for me. Instead of trading or selling, I want to give them to a person who will treat them kindly. The deck is brand new and in sparkling condition.

Please email me or post a reason why you would be perfect for them so they can tell me who they want to go with.

(I apologize, I can't make a thread in the trading forum because I don't have enough posts and I heard that there wasn't much response for others regarding this deck.)


I will take them. I have a pretty new organza bag and I will tuck them in nice. I don't know that I will read with it much, but it will be safe and comfortable. I hear people talk about this oracle a lot and I would like to see what they see. Would you like to come home with me? My cats won't bother you. You will stay on a high shelf with a few other decks for now. Or what do you want, o pretty cards?


Hi There you have a PM!


The faeries are pondering! ;)

(I'll post back in the coming week)