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Welcome! Take a journey with us into Faeryland as we study Brian Froud's Faerie Oracle and its follow up deck, Heart of Faerie Oracle.

Please remember that all readings (including daily draws and exchanges) should be posted in the Oracle Readings forum.

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General Discussions
How Did You Find the Faeries Oracle Deck?
My question on Faerie's Oracle
Faerie q's before purchasing
Are you sharing your Faeries?
Confessions Thread

Deck Storage
Storing the Faeries
Suitable bag?

On Using The Cards
FAERIES ORACLE - 1st three cards - putting it all together
The Faeries Oracle - any change with favorites and least favorites
Sorting Cards
Faeries: Year and Soul Cards (for fun!)
Faeries Standing on Their Heads
Faery Tag: Are you IT?
Faeries as Careers

Your Favorite Spread for the Faeries Oracles
Fairy Ring Oracle Spreads - lots of spreads
Alissa's Faeries Oracle Spread (3)
healing with the Faeries Oracle Spread (4)
Gossip Spread (5)
Stuck in the mud spread (5)
Faeries Pyramind Spread (6)
Best Regards Spread (7)
Octopus's Faeries Oracle Spread (7)
A Faerie Gift Spread (8)
Pathwing Fae Spread (9)
The Faery Oak Ring (10)
Faery Self Spread (11)
From Deck to Deck spread (11)

Faery Resources
If you were a faerie, who would you be?
Fae and chakras
What Faeries live in your home?
Did you dance with the Faeries?
Personal experiences with Froud's Faeries...
Meditating to visualize (see) faeries
An observation on reality
What EXACTLY does faery folk mean to you?
Faery presence or should that be presents...
How have the faeries changed you?
How tolerant are the fae?
Fairy Music ???
a lovely faery short film online
the runes of elfland
Faery books... connecting to the faery realms

Faeries Oracle Daily Draws - Found In Oracle Readings
Daily Fae Card Pull/Discussions Party
daily faeries oracle
Daily (Healing) Draw - For Froud's Faeries Oracle or Heart of Faerie
Faeries Oracle: Daily Draw
Faeries Oracle ONE Card A Day (Group Daily Draws)
Heart of Faery: Daily Draw
Your daily Faery draw

Reading Circles
Faerie Seekers: Oracle Reading Circle - INACTIVE

Hosted Oracle Themed Study Group
Partner in Crime: Reaching your Potential and Manifesting what you Need with the Fae - INACTIVE

If you are in interested in hosting a reading circle or a study group exercise, please notify an Oracles Moderator prior to doing so.

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The Faeries Oracle - The Cards

Card 0
Card 0 - The Guide
Guide Card
The blank card?
The Zero Card - Guide
The Faerie Guide Card
Spirit Guide Block Out!!
card # 0

The Singers
Card 1 - Unity
Card 2 - Ekstasis
Card 3 - The Guardian at the Gate
Card 4 - He of the Fiery Sword
Card 5 - She of the Cruach
Card 6 - The Singer of Connection
Card 7 - The Singer of Intuition
Card 8 - The Singer of Courage
Card 9 - The Singer of Initiation
Card 10 - The Singer of Healing
Card 11 - The Singer of Transfiguration
Card 12 - The Singer of the Chalice
Card 13 - Solus

The Sidhe
Card 14 - The Maiden
Card 15 - The Journeyman
Card 16 - The Bright Mother
Card 17 - Himself
Card 18 - The Lady of the Harvest
Card 19 - The Sage
Card 20 - The Dark Lady
Card 21 - The Faery Who was Kissed by the Pixies
Card 22 - The Master Maker
Card 23 - The Green Woman
Card 24 - The Piper
Card 25 - The Faery Godmother
Card 26 - O! That Gnome

Faery Guides and Guardians
Card 27 - Nelys the Alchemist
Card 28 - Penelope Dreamweaver
Card 29 - Ta'Om the Poet
Card 30 - The Laume
Card 31 - UnDressing of a Salad
Card 32 - Iris of the Rainbows
Card 33 - Faeries of the Future
Card 34 - Sylvanius
Card 35 - The Faun
Card 36 - Spirit Dancer
Card 37 - Tobaira of the Waters
Card 38 - Laiste, Moon's Daughter
Card 39 - Losgunna

The Help-Line Troupe
Card 40 - Honesty
Card 41 - Ilbe the Retriever
Card 42 - Myk the Myomancer
Card 43 - Geeeeeooo the Slooow
Card 44 - Lys of the Shadows
Card 45 - Taitin the Sylph
Card 46 - The Friends
Card 47 - The Oak Men
Card 48 - A Collective of Pixies
Card 49 - Mikle a Muckle
Card 50 - Arval Parrot
Card 51 - The Topsie-Turvets
Card 52 - The Rarr

Faery Challengers
Card 53 - Death
Card 54 - Epona's Wild Daughter
Card 55 - The Soul Shrinker
Card 55 - The Soul Shrinker RX
Card 56 - Gloominous Doom
Card 57 - Luathas the Wild
Card 58 - Ffaff the Ffooter
Card 59 - The Bodacious Bodach
Card 60 - The Pook
Card 61 - G. Hobyah
Card 62 - The Glanconer
Card 63 - Indi
Card 64 - Gawtcha
Card 65 - The Fee Lion

Other Card Threads:
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The Singers?
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Faeries Oracle - Book Exercises
Faeries Oracle favorite card
Faeries Oracle least favorite card
Faeries Oracle universal card
Redoing the Book Exercises

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The Heart Of Faerie - Cards
Please note that there isn't a thread for every card yet. Please notify an Oracles Moderator when a new link needs to be added to this index.

The Faerie Queens
The Queens Group Thread
1. The Queen of the Golden Bough
2. The Queen of Bedlam
3. The Queen of the Night
4. The Queen of the Day
5. The Queen of Passage
6. The Queen of Owls
7. The Queen of Hearth and Home
8. The Queen of Shadows
9. The Queen of Laughter

The Queens' Consorts
10. The Captive Man
11. The Prince of Shadows
12. The Prince of Light
13. The Speaker of Truth
14. The Shape Shifter
15. The Elven Knight
16. The Messenger
17. The Rox
18. The Thief

The Archetypes
19. The Lord of the Forest
20. The Lady of the Forest
21. The Boy
22. The Maiden
23. The Heartless Love
24. The Child
25. The Hero (Shared thread with The Magician)
26. The Crone
27. The Sorcerer
28. The Magician (Shared thread with The Hero)
29. The Green Man
30. The Green Woman
The Green Woman, 2nd thread
31. The Smith

32. The Faerie of Youth
33. The Faerie of Growth
34. Tink
35. Bright Spark
36. The Star Faerie
37. The Faerie of Naughtiness
38. The Pan
39. The Fixer

The Ladies
40. The Lady of Leprechauns
41. The Lady of Unicorns
42. The Lady of Song (Shared thread with The Song)
43. The Lady of Sorrows
44. The Lady of Faith
45. The Lady of Joy

46. The Juggler (Shared thread with Oh No! and In Two Minds)
The Juggler, 2nd thread
47. The Big Behind
48. Prick Up Your Ears
49. Oh No! (Shared thread with The Juggler and In Two Minds)
50. The Hidden One
51. In Two Minds (Shared thread with The Juggler and Oh No!)
52. The Paradox

The Journey
53. The Blessing
54. The Leaving
55. The Remembrance
56. The Challenge
57. The Joy of the Future
58. The Shadow of the Past
59. The Song (Shared thread with The Lady of Song)
The Song, 2nd thread
60. The Question
61. The Temptation
62. The Hope
63. The Dreaming
64. The Gift
65. The Returning