Faeries SWOT team


This spread worked so well the last time I gave it a try (January 2009) with the Fae, that I thought I would see what they would say about my lovelife. I ask alot about love, mostly because I consider it a safe topic... it really can't get any worse. :p
However, I would like to resurrect this area of my life in a fulfilling way so to the faeries go I!

Strengths be Indi, and this looks to be about making choices... do I want the cantaloupe or the honeydew? On one level, this could be indicating that soon I will have choices where once there were none. Without choices there is a tendency to settle for less than is wanted or needed, and so far I have not succumbed to the lure to settle for someone incompatible. On another level, Indi talks about the process of making decisions, weighing up the pros and cons of the options before me. It is through this process we learn our own mind and understand what is important. As a strength, this points to me having a good idea of what I want/need in a partner without being too specific or impossible about the whole thing.
Oh noooo, the Singer of Connection representing Weaknesses. Hurrumph. As my weakness, I can see this as maintaining inappropriate emotional attachments. I don't do anything with them, I just seem to collect them. So I need to let these go. Another form this weakness takes is a reluctance to forge ties to others, I am easily discouraged in this area and I am also intensely private. People seem to want to ask me all kinds of probing, personal questions they have no business asking, and when I refuse to answer they think I am the rude one.
Opportunities come in the form of the Faery Godmother. Her arms are crossed like Indi's but instead of evaluating, she is offering. Funny thing is that is an uncomfortable way of holding ones arms. Indi's way is much more sustainable, where as Faery G can only hold that position for so long before she withdraws her offering (which suddenly illuminates that reading from a year ago... funny how that works). The choices I see in Indi's card originate here and it appears that it will be a limited time offer.
Mikle a Muckle is the Threat here, immaturity, games, perhaps age (!). All the things that make me hesitate and want to withdraw, things that will trigger my weaknesses. One warning is not taking anything seriously enough and goofing off thinking that there is plenty of time.

If anyone wants to weigh in on this, opinions are welcome. Last time I did this, I misjudged the enormity of the Weakness and Threat parts of the reading so I am particularily interested in those aspects this time around. I'm trying to learn from my mistakes.