Faeries that you know...



Not long after got my Froud deck (about 2 years ago now) my daughter (who was 4 at the time) wanted to see them. So I happily showed her. (She loved the Good Faeries, Bad Faeries book) You can imagine how amazed I was, as we were going through the deck, she was exclaiming "Oh look, thats you! (the Dark Lady). And look theres me! (the Maiden). Oh there's your friend Tania (The Laume). And Grandma (Nelys the Alchemist). And look Daddy!!" (and by now my jaw was well and truly on the ground because 'Daddy' was the Bodacious Bodach).

As far as I could see there was no physical resemblance except maybe between me and the Dark Lady and my daughter and the Maiden. But each faery she declared as someone she knew in her life was amazingly appropriate for each person. (my mother was very pleased to be compared to Nelys). Has anyone else ever had a similar experience? Or does do any of the faeries resemble anyone you know?

The other experience I had was with The Master Maker. BOTH figures in that card EXACTLY resemble a couple I know. I was telling my male friend about it one day and he didn't believe me. So I sent him to the World of Froud website while I was standing there. While we were waiting for the card to come up on the online oracle there I was saying, "I swear to you, he could have been painting from a photo of you! You watch the next card that comes will be you." The silence in the room when the very next card was the Master Maker and just as I said it looked so much like him and his wife that his jaw hung. Well, I won't tell you what nasty names he called me jokingly after that but it was a very freaky (and very fun) experience. ;)

So, surely I'm not the only one to recognise people in my life in this deck. What are your experiences?


September Pixie

well.. based upon some resemblences I can say I see myself in two cards.. the top portrait of the Dark Lady (my pic is attached to the thread on her post), and from behind The Bright Mother *giggles* I have blonde hair to the middle of my waist (so I am not really 'dark'.... er.. well.. naturallly yes.. but shhhhh)

I see my fiance in Solus and ironiclly it fits his personality to a T! I see my mother as the fairy in 'The Faery Who Was Kissed By The Pixies' my grandmother in "The Green Woman' and my other grandmother in "Iris of the Rainbows".. but their personalities dont really fit those cards ...

but its an interesting thread :D


The Maiden is an almost dead-on picture of me when I was three or four years old. Laiste looks just like a woman with whom I sit on an executive board, right down to the strong jawline and squinchy smile. But that's just about it. There are others that look familiar, but I can't place them, like people I met in a dream.



yo, Mamma, I love your threads! keep 'em coming.

Um, well, if you guys have seen the photo of firemaiden in her profile, she is a dead ringer for Iris of the Rainbows.
but, I look a teensy bit like Iris, except a bubble would not keep my foot afloat.

Another interesting observation about Iris: she looks human to me, not Fae at all, except for those wings. She has five fingers....most of the Fae don't...so don't know what that means.

but my husband, when he is thinner and shaved...is a dead ringer for Himself. I'll post his skinny pic someday, and you won't believe it.