Faeries vs. Tarot

diane drizzy

In Talking Tarot there was a thread on care of your cards. Do you treat your faeries differently than your tarot decks? I have two decks "just in case". I also review the accompanied book that came with them quite often - on the raising and care of your faeries. :D. I guess my feelings are that they are a very personal experience. I am not that ready to share them with others. Although my tarot cards are either in bags or scrunchies, my faeries "home" required alot more thought. My tarots are stored in my closet whereas my faeries are always out and about. And truth be told they're my desert island deck. Finally they make me smile - my tarots do not. They're like a bunch of rowdy kids. You love them because they're yours! :D

September Pixie

I would say that yes, I do.. I read with almost every deck I own except my Faeries... I have offered a few readings with them, but they are HIGHLY personal to me and I dont LIKE to share them AT ALL! :) On rare occasions that I do, the readers are usually shocked and touched on some level by the cards.. interesting little things, they are :)


I don't use my Faeries very often for others, but for those that I do, they are often enchanted by Them. That's the primary way I treat this deck differently.

Other than that, I treat it much like I do one of much-loved Tarot decks. I keep this deck in a bag. I use it slightly less (right now) than I used to, mostly due to the fact of where I keep it. Not quite so handy any more. :(

Still, this deck *is* different, to me, in how I view it... if not really in how I treat it.


The Faeries Oracle ceased to even be considerd a deck by me a long time ago. They are always flittering around me, and although they are in a bag, they are always near me or in my purse. I have found them to be extremely useful as guides when reading with other decks. They are an incredible complement to the Fairy Ring. I always pull one of the Faeries from the Faeries Oracle to guide the Fairy Ring reading. I shared this Faunabay, and she and I do most of our readings that way.

As for sharing them ... well honestly I would not mind sharing them, because they are so incredible. They are so personable and interactive that I am sure they will let you know if they want to be shared or not. My Faeries love to be showed off ;)