Faery Altar


Hi i am planning to make a faery altar in my room. But dont know what really to put in the altar. Could you'll please help me and give me some lovely ideas on how to make a lovely faery altar..

Thanks, :)

September Pixie

Greetings :) What a lovely gesture! I would look for some fresh flowers, a bowl of water (keep this filled), a fairy statue or two.. or 6 (if your like me lol), and anything that keeps the Fae special to you.. nature is important to them so rocks, water, and flowers are excellent ways to begin.


these alters are so pretty.. Wow.. I am gonna keep flowers, rocks, bowl of water, crystal tumbles, faery statues, candles, incense. I am planning to make a small wind chime for them. Whoa.. my imagination is really running wild now. :) maybe even a piece of chocolate every night as a small offering. Cool.. Thank you SP for helping me out always in knowing the fae better. :* :)

September Pixie

You're very welcome! :) What your planning sounds beautiful! Send us pics? :)

majah kahlana

My Fae Room

Well. I dont have a place to set an altar so my whole bedroom is going to have to be "The Fae Room". I already have 2 fairy scultptures my son bought me for my birthday and mother's day one year, all sorts of wreaths and flower swags and topiarys placed on the dressers and nightstands. There are 2 large crystal prisms that throw rainbows all over the room in the afternoons. The lamps have beaded shades and are clear glass inside a grayish metal base. (very fun and sort of sparkly) The rest of the room is all different shades of white and a large blanket with a wolf on it covers our bed. Hope they like it once its all done up... due to having an extra 2 people living in our house the room has gotten cluttered up a bit with suitcases and boxes. something i hope to rememdy this month (its on my to do list) oh an the rug on the floor is rainbow colored stripes. Its very bright and carnivally looking so i think they will like it.


How about a small 'sleeping bowl' lined with feathers & moss and a few sticks, sort of a nest of sorts. Add a pine cone, some seed pods, anything organic and natural, to make it very nature oriented.


If you *really* want faeries to feel welcome, like anyone else, you have to give them what they "need." This is one of the most ancient presuppositions of faery lore - however, beware giving your faeries little clothes (bad things happen when masters make clothes for their wee ones in faery tales).

Consider: what is the purpose of this alter? Is it for you, or for "them"?

If it's the first, the purpose is to act for you as a mental reminder, a physical object to assist in turning your thoughts in the direction you wish... decorate your room/alter/etc any way you wish because it's yours.

If it's for the Fae, you need to think outside the box. If you have experience with offerings for saints, santos, or practice voodoo, you may be more familiar with this line of thinking. Basically, what does a faery need to feel comfortable?

A little home is nice for those you wish to stay, and they're not particular with real estate - making a popsicle stick house, building a little mini-tree fort outside, just a place intentionally set up for their inhabiting. Sweets, faery lore suggests milk and sweets go over well.

I've not tried liquor... I know plenty of fae who'd appreciate it, but I'm not sure I want drunk faeries hanging around... they have a strange enough sense of humor as it is.

And, this is now the realm of Alissa being completely whacked: notice what disappears around your house most often... not because the kids took it, not because you misplaced it for a few weeks... what always disappears, no matter how often you buy a replacement? For me, it's Carmex (a type of lip balm), and it's the eensy weensy oil can I use for my spinning wheel... I have no idea why I cannot keep these items in the hosue, nor why a Fae would want either but I'll be darned if those two particular items disappear with regularity, no matter how careful I am about replacing it, keeping it stored in the same spot, etc.

The faeries in my house love my craft room, the spare bedroom that my piano is in. There are lots of faery statues, faery hanging things, and pictures of fae in that room... perhaps that tells them they are welcome there. Things go missing in that room with disturbing regularity - and it's the one room in the house we never "babyproofed" so we've kept our son from playing in there all his life... I know it's not him. I also only go in there most days to do laundry and that's it (or play pianer a bit).


Does anyone else keep a faery altar? I have one that I just started last September. It continues to evolve. :)


My faerie alter is in the garden. It is a special little area under flowering shrubs which also gets direct sunlight. There is 2 faerie houses, one I made from wire and moss which sits upon a tree stump surrounded by daisies and one was a converted bird house upon a standing stone bird bath base, with the top replaced by a heavy rectangle stone plinth. The house is decorated with coloured glass gems and shells, and on the alter are many shells. All arround the base is colourful daisies. :.) X