Faery Card Interviews


Care to interview a faery? You can use the questions below or make up some of your own....You can use Faeries Oracle or the Heart of Faery

1. I am the one that ________________________. (as long or short as the faery wishes)

2. What is your greatest strength?

3. What is your weakness?

4. What path will you lead me on?


Faery Interview: OH No!

# 49 OH No!

I am the one that knows about upsets and patience. I am the one that knows the ways of the world both human and faery. I am the one that reminds you that this shall pass, nothing is perfect or horrible forever. I am the one that says "watch out". I am the breaker of dreams, the stubbed toe and the chaos of relationships. I do not give birth to them...I simply wait for the labor to end and when they are birthed I am here to remind you, that you have everything you need to get through whatever situation has been born.

My greatest strength is perseverance. I know that given enough time, the world will right itself again.

My weakness is my fondness for humans, and my desire to "save them" sometimes. But alas it is not within my power.

I will lead you on the path of patience and perserverance. I will lead you along the ancient path traveled by many, in the time before time, when the faeries and human worlds were almost one. I will lead you deeper into faery and there you will see that troubles and time are not important, because everything unfolds as it should and when it should.