faery gift question?


hi everyone well this isnt really a card question i posted it here though hoping for your expertise.
i read my cards the other night and they sang as usual and remimded me that i could ask the faries for help if i needed it so i did, but im wondering is there something i should leave for them like a gift to say thank you and let them know that they are welcome and that there help is important to me and appreciated. i dont want to be rude you know thanks guys


Why don't you ask them? Tell them you'd like to reciprocate and what is it they would like? I imagine different faeries like different things. One faerie in my home likes shiny objects like CD's. I don't know if she takes them for their music or not, not sure how a faerie would play a CD, but maybe so since the first CD she "borrowed" was a Celtic lullabye collection. Books I've read on faeries say brownies often appreciate gifts of milk and honey or bread and honey left on the hearth for them. But I think, just like humans, faeries would have personal preferences.



One thing I have done in the past during the spring and summer months is to hide little things in the garden. Little shiny things like beads, some pretty ribbon, even interesting bottle caps. Eventually everything dissappears. :)


How about giving a gift of money, time or clothes to a sick or poor childrens' charity? In Peter Pan, they say that everytime a child says - I don't believe in fairies - a fairy dies. But perhaps, too, every time a child dies, a faery light goes out...

I might do the same. G-d knows, the Faeries have helped me the past few days!