Faery Godmother, the Star and the 9 of Pentacles


Hello All~

It's been way too long since I came over to play, so I started doing my daily draws again this week and these are the cards I've received. I know that I'm supposed to get off my bum and start being who I am...but I don't get it. Can anyone give me some ideas what these 3 are trying to tell me?

Thanks so much ~*~


Hope this will help you out...

9 of pentacles ~ You are very content with your material gains thus far, that you are almost at the end of your "lesson". Content but not satisfied, this unsatisfaction comes from a deeper conciousness. Perhaps you feel you "wasted" part of your life that you can never get back, or made a wrong decision with something that you are making yourself repent, causing the mental anguish in the background.

Here's where the Star comes in. You feel as though you've lost something (or perhaps everything). You've lost nothing, you've only discovered that nothing is truly yours to possess with the exception of your own mind. You still have your experiences, what you know, you still have hope. Your a bit lost, confused, maybe even melancholy right now. This card is trying to lift your spirits by saying that help is on the way, so don't loose hope that everything will be ok afterall.

FAery Godmother ~ She is the help, or representing the help. Just like in the story Cinderella, the Faery Godmother is here to give us gifts. She's here to give you something, for now that something is the star (hope) and to help you keep faith. Your "savior" is on his way (maybe a her, but I feel like it's a him). However, not every miracle is a big one, not every gift is one that is wrapped. You may have to look for the gifts that your Faery Godmother is leaving around you, or to take notice in what friends are calling you as of late, keep note on if your "not so liked" peers treat you nicer, things that just make a day a bit more smoother, a bit more nicer, so we find it more bearable to handle the melancholy underneath.

not sure how well this helped, but I hope it did. Let me know what you think please, as I would like to hear some feedback on my interpretation. Take care, after all, your FAery Godmother is watching over you.


Hello Sagitarian (from a fellow Sag) and thanks so much. I hadn't got the "wasted part" before, but that makes sense. The Star beckons to me, and I know that things are looking up, even if the nightmares do resurface a bit here and there. And Faery Godmother, well, I've felt her hovering nearby ever since I drew her days ago. And I'll be on the lookout for a "him" although I was expecting a "her!"