Faery Seekers ~ Sign-up thread ~ Feb 12th to March 5th


Hi Tara Deck, glad to see you! You are added to the list.

hehe Baroli, I guess those fae were as eager as you are! Great :D :D


I'd like to play too. :)


Glad you could come and play this round FaeryGodmother!! :)


ok i'm in if it is three weeks.


hey guys. i'd love to do this reading. but is it possible for it to be done for my mum instead of me please? she saw the last one forme, and is in desperate need of one herself. I find I am too close to do a proper one for her. I'll still do the normal reading :) Thanks! xx


If anyone feels they can direct their reading at sagewriter's mom, send me a PM and I'll set the partners that way.


Is this how I join the circle to do a reading?

I'd like to join - is this the way?


Yes, just post to this thread, or any Reading Circle you wish to join, in order to be included.

Folks, I am going to random draw for the readings now.

The Circle is closed now for this round.

The readings will be Round Robin, so that you will not exchange readings with the person you read for but follow around.

Again, of anyone is delayed, please notify me, Jewel and your partner promptly and make arrangements for when you can finish. Or if not, I'll re-arrange things.



Partners are posted! See Post #2.

Note Round Robin format to readings please. :)