Faery Thoughts about the Decks


So about two weeks ago...I got a very clear message from the faeries in the original deck that they were feeling a bit neglected....and then later I got the urge to mix the two decks....alas it is not to be. I had thought that by mixing the two that it solved the issue of neglected faeries....but.....

Here's what the faeries had to say about the mixed deck(s)

O That Gnome: he was VERY grumpy....he says that of course you can't "mix" faeries...they are all very different creatures and only humans would make the mistake of jamming TOO MANY faeries together at one time

Himself: the power is not in many...but in one....as in one's SELF

Myk the Myomancer: look for patterns my dear...and it is soooo hard to look for patterns when you are confused by all those tricky pesky faery folk...all of them talking at once...oh me...my dear no no no!

The Smith: you build things with only the best materials....and sometimes the materials are one kind and sometimes they are another kind all together....it is up to the builder to know EXACTLY what materials are needed for a specific project....

The Lady of Unicorns: belief is IMPORTANT...remember what you believe in and don't let even the trickest of faeries lead you down a path you do not want to travel...(I think she is referring to the fact that when I got the new deck...I made a choice (gut instinct) not to mix the decks....although others were and even some of the original faeries seemed to be urging it...(But again perhaps it was just my human folly...trying to please everyone!

The Faerie of Youth: fresh new energy and adventures await...don't get tied down by thinking one way or the other....be open to whatever comes into being

AND SO.....in other words my decks are once again separate....and they seem to be chattering more and more...for although they enjoy "visiting" with each other.....its like coming home after a long vacation....the comfort of home and family...and familar things...

So what about your decks....apart? or together? what are the faeries telling you?

pickled pixie

Mine are very much together and it feels completely natural, Its almost like adding the new faeries together gives me more words for their language (not sure this makes sense but I know what I mean :D

I did keep them apart for a while as I didn't like the thought of them put together but as soon as I did it was like 'POW' The magic seems so much more powerful now :)

pp xxx


Dragonfae, I tried the same thing you did and pretty much got the same results that the Faeries did not want to be mixed together and they were better as two individual decks. So now they are two completely separate decks and they like it better that way. :D