Fairies getting me off my butt

Shadow Wolf

The fairies have been working hard to get me to pick up on projects that I've neglecting.

I must say, since I'm back to work on most of them, I feel really good, and I've had more energy than I've had in a long time.

They are truly amazing. I've accomplished more in a week with the fairies than I have in the past 5 yrs. on my own.

To say "thank you" seems like so little when they have helped me to reclaim my dreams and the things I want for myself.

They have really helped to simplify and clarify these things and now I feel like they are absolutely possible and I am working
actively to acheive them !!!!

I am soooo grateful !!!!

Ruby Red Slippers

So Ilbe the Retriever is at work? LOL

I have found them to be Wonderful Personal Assistants everyday!

So glad you are enjoying them!



I don't have the faeries deck, but I hear so much about them. I am wondering how do they get ppl to do things? Howdo they hide stuff. Does all this happen when someone gets the deck? I would be nervous to get it. How do you know it's the Faeries?

Shadow Wolf

That's a difficult question to answer.

All I know is that since I brought the the F.O. home, my life has
changed for the better.

When I was going through the cards, certain cards made me look twice. Ilbe the Retriever was one of them. He holds onto all of your "lost" dreams and gives them back to you when your ready to believe in them again.

I also pulled Faery Godmother and Himeslf and the Sage.
These three worked together to give me back the confidence and
self-esteem to get believe in those dreams and hope again.

How do they work their magic ?

I would have new thoughts and ideas about things, and I'd know
they weren't coming from me.

I woiuld feel motivated to work on projects and think about things I wanted to do for MYSELF. Then I would feel an urgency
to get started or to continue.

I would find myself thinking about the things I wanted to do in a new way. Things I didn't even dream about accomplishing I'm actively working on.

They go about it in such a subtle way, they try to make you think
that you had the idea in the first place.

All I know is that I have more energy, I'm more motivated to continue and complete the projects I want to accomplish for myself and I bless the day the faeries came into my life !!!!!

They also are helping me realize that I deserve this new abundance, which for me is a very great blessing !!!!

I encourage you to invite the fairies into your life, and experience their magic first hand !!!!!

You'll come away with a different view of yourself and of the world at large and you'll shake your head and wonder " Why didn't I see it before, it's all so clear to me now !!!"

I wish you light and love and the greatest of blessings whatever you decision about the fairies, but............................................

Once you have even an inkling that you might want the F.O in your possession, you will probably be bringing it home at some point. The faries are undoubtly in your life already, the F.O. will help you become more aware of them !!!!


oh boy...

After that post, ShadowWOlf, I think I need the faeries...Oh Nooooooo...Perhaps it is THEM making me want them....