Fairy Godmother - made me giggle anyway!


I recently stayed at a spiritual retreat where, at breakfast time, there were Oracle cards of various kinds in a bowl so you could help yourself to a daily reading. I thought this was a great idea so to encourage me to do a daily reading I bought a fancy bowl and put some of Doreen Virtue's Oracle cards in it.

Along with these, I also put the Fairy Godmother from the Fairies Oracle. She is my year card so I thought it would be nice to have her on display for a few days and get to know her. As a finishing touch, I decided to add the Wisdom of the Fairies deck and was just shuffling it when the Fairy Godmother card from this deck flew out. I got the distinct impression that the Fairy Godmother card from the FO was saying "Hey, wait a minute - concentrate on me first! There's not enough room for two of us in that bowl!" Mind you, she is such a sweetheart she was maybe just trying to subtlely focus my attention back on her....

Blessings x


What a great idea! So you have all the cards mixed in together? That's really neat.

I smiled when I read about what the FG did, too. She is so sweet, but certainly not one to sit in the background just hoping to be picked. She took matters into her own hands! LOL

Thanks for sharing your story with us :)