Fairy Music ???

Shadow Wolf

I had my clock set for 9:00 because now that my 13 yr. old doesn't have to be up for Religious Instruction classes, I get to
sleep a little later.

This morning I was awakened by dance music that seemed to be
coming from my living room, I banged on the French door that separates my bedroom from the living room and said, "Turn that
down please !!" I had to say it twice, the music stopped altogether, well, at least I couldn't hear it anymore.

All his happened about 7:30 EST

I thought the kids were up playing video games with a friend who slept over, but everyone (except me) was still sleeping, the house was perfectly quiet.

Could the fairies have wanted me to get up at that time for some reason or " Do fairies just wanna' have fun" ? Or have I finally lost my mind altogether and now I'm hearing music when there
isn't any playing ?

If was Fairies they were very polite and turned it down when I asked them to.

I have ruled out the clock radio-- I only had one side set for 9:00,
and it wouldn't automatically shut itself off just because I asked it to, and we don't have it set for dance music, we have it set for "knock you on your head music" to get us out of bed in the morning !

What do make of it ? Could I have been hearing fairy music ?
There are few other reasonable explanations, especially since I've
been particularly tuned in to them the last few days.



I'm gonna try this again, my last response woundnt post..are you sending the fairies after me..lol

I was saying,

The music was a gift. The fairies mus have wanted you up so you could have some quiet time before the munchkins woke up.

If you think there's a logical explination, consider this why didn't you notice it before???. Spirits have a way of making you notice things that have otherwise escaped us. If thats the case think about "why music, why that kind of music"

Some food for thought..


Shadow Wolf

I think you are right, lately the kiddies have been monopolizing the computer that I usually use.

Getting up earlier allowed me to enjoy my cup of tea, and not have them nattering at me about when they could use the computer. I've also been trying to find some quiet alone time lately, not easy to come by in this house !!!

So, I have just thanked them again !! I really did enjoy that quiet time this morning.

Thanks for the input !!

I can't wait to get my Fairies Oracle deck !!!!

Shadow Wolf

I've also learned that when dealing with Fairies or Spirits is best to throw the logic rule book away. Because even if you can find a logical explanation, it's most likely the wrong explanation !!!!

Thanks again for your input !!!



Yeah, that could be faeries! :) I hear music every once in a while. Although I haven't heard any music from FO faeries, there are some quite musical Weeh-Folk in the park nearby. So, yours can be the case.

BTW, how would you describe 'dance music' you heard?

Good luck!

Shadow Wolf

It had a latin beat to it. They must know I love latin music !!!


You know Shadow Wolf first you make me admit that I see dead people.
Then I'm confessing that my family already has me peregistered at the asylum of there choice.
And now I am forced to admit that I to have heard faerie music and tinkling bells.
Next thing you know I'll have to tell you about the pink, blue and white lights I saw dancing around my kitchen table.
Jeepers Creepers, how's a person to retain any dignity around here? :)


Thanks for answer, Shadow Wolf. :)
Well, seems like my faeries know about my liking for classical music. :)

Shadow Wolf


I'll love having someone to talk to in that asylum, we could
discuss the pink, white and blue lights you see dancing around your kitchen table !!!

This is the ONLY place I know where we can actually talk about
seeing and hearing fairies and not be preregisitered for an
asylum !!!!


lark said:
Jeepers Creepers, how's a person to retain any dignity around here? :)
hahaha. I gave up on that months ago!
I liked the faeries getting you up early to have some quiet time. That's a precious gift.