Fairy Oracle

Shadow Wolf

Ever since I've been using the Fairy Oracle cards my friend gave me for my b'day, I've been getting phenomenal readings.

I've been praying for guidence about several issues, and the fairies have been really making up for lost time. It's the most
ornery deck I've ever handled.

Every time I pick it up to shuffle, cards literally jump out of my hands. When I choose the cards for a reading, they really speak to my soul. In much the same way as tarot cards but different.

It's like the fairies have a direct connection to my soul, and truly want to help me to become who I am, and not what other people would have me be.

I feel so liberated, so free.
What I have to do is so clear now.

I have been deceiving myself and those around me, the fairies have really helped me to see things clearly. I've been getting constant guidence to speak my own truth and not worry about what other people think, and to stand my ground and take care of myself because I'm worth it !!!!

But the best piece of advice they have imparted is that I should not be afraid to be myself. The world needs ME, not the someone I'm pretending to be to make other people happy with

If you have this deck, USE IT !!!! The advice and counsel of the fairies is gentle, insistant and it speaks right to your heart !!!!

I just had to share this with all of you.

This feeling is new to me, but I'm assured that it is real and true,
and that I can trust it !!!!!! So can you.


:) Great shadowwolf. Have you checked out the study group? There's many more enthusiasts there... (Unless this is a different fairy oracle you're talking about. There's a couple you know...)


So glad that you are enjoying the faeries. I have been amazed at the insights the fey have offered me. There is something so special about this deck that I cannot put into words at all, so I simply enjoy it, Ruby7


oh you are right on! The faeries hold nothing back, but tell it to you more gentley. This deck is great to work with (or at least, the deck I use is.) The faerie deck I use is the Brian Froud's faerie oracle deck, which there is a study group here just for that. Look under the study group and you'll see it. Come hang out with us and tell us your faerie tales!

Shadow Wolf

The deck I recieved was Healing with the Fairies not the Fairy
Oracle, forgot I posted this. Just wanted to make the correction !!