Fairy Oracle

Shadow Wolf

When you purchase the Fairy Oracle, you actually invite fairies into your home ?

I don't think I'm ready for that yet !!!!!!

I've seen it and have considered getting it, but haven't felt that
"gotta' have it " pull yet.

When and if I do, I won't hesitate to buy it. That feeling won't leave me alone until I do !!!

I guess it'll happen when I'm ready to entertain fairies !!!!


Well, faeries deal with every person in a special way. It's true for FO.
I read that many people who own this deck describe faeries as mischievious and playful. And this is obviously true. But don't overlook the other side of them. They are wise. Among faeries in the oracle you might find some that most of the time don't laugh like the others (I wonder if Gloominous Doom ever smiles). Most faeries are tricksters. And to be a trickster one needs to be wise. ;)

Faeries are joyful and playful, but they work too (what a discovery for me!). :) This point is projected in a Collective of Pixies card. If you invite faeries to your home and have nothing for them to work on, then you should probably be ready to throw an unexpected party. Well, it seems to me a fair exchange. ;) But if you have 'business' for them, then I don't see why they should create such mess or even minor desctruction. That's one possible explanation.

The other possible explanation is that they are telling you something. Well, let me say that one lesson I learned (well, still learning) from them is that you should not worry about how you look, but what you are inside. If one is too concentrated on himself/herself, then it's a good reason for faeries to make a 'wise' joke on him/her. That's how I see it, at least.

Sorry, that this goes a bit offtopic, but your post 'inspired' me so much to write this. *lol*