Fan Inspired Decks for Self Use



I've decided that I'm going to make myself a couple of fan inspired tarot / oracle decks and I was wondering if anyone else here has ever done the same?

I'd be interested to know what fandoms are represented and how you went about making the decks.


Onion Budgie

Yes! How funny, I created a Major Arcana deck of my own just yesterday. It has a Buster Keaton theme, and uses photos and screenshots from his films, each pic carefully chosen for its card. I designed the deck at, and it should be on its way to me in the next day or two. I'm so excited to use it. :)


I'm not sure it can be considered a "self-made" deck, but I decided to 'make' a Tarot deck out of Naruto trading game cards. So the cards were not made by me, but I carefully chose the 78 cards I wanted out of the 4500 cards in the game.
It took a few weeks to choose all of them, then I had to FIND them! I got my hands on most of them, there are still a few missing so I'll see if I use some other cards that would fit or if I wait until I can get all of them.
That was a really interesting process and it helped me learn some more about the traditional meanings!


I did the Sailor Tarot (inspired by Sailor Moon) featured in Aeclectic's list like over a decade ago (my age is showing! haha). Never got to print them, though, even for myself, because there really weren't any POD printers back then.