Fate Brought You Here...Tarot Spread


This spread is to be used to explore the reason why any particular person was placed into your life. It could be a significant other, a friend, a coworker, a neighbor, or even an enemy.


1. Why fate brought this person into your life at this time?
2. What are the two of you supposed to accomplish together?
3. What will hinder this purpose?
4. What will help this purpose?
5. What advice do the powers that be have for you to help you on this journey with this person?


This seems like a very cool spread!

I have a few people I think of... why was I paired with them? or Why did I truly cross paths with them? I can definitely see a possible lesson in the encounter.


WOW, I really like the idea of this spread, and know the EXACT person I would like to use this spread for. This I believe would bring a lot of insight on situations that other spreads might not quite hit. There are a good few people in everyone's life why you might wonder why you must deal with them, or how you got so lucky to deserve them. This would also help people know why a person might not be in their life anymore (as in letting you know they had done what they were brought for). Great job, I think I might just try this right this second.

liberated inferno

The perfect spread for a situation I have right now, thank you!


i love how this spread is specific although does not put much emotion into the questions, which seem to be my issue, thank you I will try this spread!