Feedback for my fool!


Hi, I am new to this forum. I was interested in Tarot cards when I was a teenager and have recently become interested in them again. I have also recently began painting - I love doing Mandalas so thought I would learn the cards by creating my own deck in a classic/mandala style. Although it took around 3 weeks (I only get time really at night to draw) I really enjoyed the process. Feedback on my fool and poem welcome! Thanks


Very nice. How do you envision this? As a deck or a stand alone collection of images and poetry? I also started to write a poem for each card although I don't have the artistic talent to make an original card.


Thanks for your reply. I'm aiming to do a deck. The rest of the cards I'll probably just do an explanation of my interpretation. I thought a poem suitable for the fool. Think it needs working on though! Just did that quickly. Cheers