Feline Divine - working title


I had this surge of inspiration to create a tarot deck based upon felines of myth, legend, and gods and goddesses.

First I'm in the planning stages on who I want on each card. I will continue to update this thread and edit this first post.


Sun: Sekhmet
Justice: Mafdet
Chariot: Frejya's chariot cats

(I'm mobile and I edit more later.)

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Are there enough felines in history with other cultures to be able to do an entire deck?

Don't forget the seven (or more) minor Egyptian gods with male lion heads. The most well known was Maahes (also spelled Mihos, Miysis, Mios, Maihes, or Mahes) but there are multiple local male lion Egyptian gods on the record as well.

And there's a prehistoric lion carving done in mammoth ivory, found in Germany -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion-man

And the caves in France with the lions on the walls. And the clay forms of lions in one of the caves.


Definitely! Even if I have to double up for certain things, I will find a way to make this work.

There are quite a few Ancient Egyptian cat gods, I just haven't assigned cards to them yet as I've been out all day. I'm going to put a lot of research so I know who I want where and why. I'm also going to make use of any cat spirit I can, and hybrids as necessary. I want to stay mostly with RWS themes and styles but with a twist.

Thank you for your information!