fey-- 6 of Swords


6 of Swords

My daily draw today was 6 of swords.

This is my most favorite minor card in this deck. The fey is absolutely gorgeous and she's in the boat and the boat seems to be floating above the water. I can't really tell for sure but I think the boat is floating above the water. Now what it means, hmm a small journey today? Well Borders (bookstore) is having a sale today! hmmmm ;)


6 of swords


You know, I didn't notice before that the boat was above rather than in the water. Because the background is so uniform-- where does water end and sky begin?-- it's not obvious.

So this is a trip over the water, through the air. Sounds like swords...

fly well


I’m puzzled by the at ease nature of this Fey (the book says curious), where in the 8 of Sw there is a more confined but similar situation. Here it looks as if she ponders the Sword before her. The boat does not float in the water (emotion) but hovers above it, a different sort of suspension, like that of the thoughts of her higher self.


I can't see whether the boat is above the water. The boat seems to be tied to something. She is quite happy to sit there, but she doesn't have to, she doesn't even have to use the boat, as she has got these beautiful angel/bird wings. She seems to be transfixed by something, as can be seen by the expression of the face, and also the way she has one hand resting on her cheek.