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fey-- daily draws

all right, down to business--

Yesterday I decided to start meeting the fey one by one. My draw was the 7 of Wands. Without a doubt, I had met the Guardian.

I was immediately reminded of the angel guarding Eden. So too this Fey is an active force. Not the passive angel looking over you, but the warrior defending your soul.

She chases away all the shadows that would feast on your fears and eat away at your soul. Although she brandishes her wand, it does not physically combat these shadows. Rather, it is the light that we are that sets her wand aglow, banishing the shadows.

fly well


To me it was important to ask: why do you fight? What is so important that you don't run away? What's worth protecting or fighting for?
To me, her way of bending, like a martial art master... also wants to say that she trained all of her life for that important moment. We live and then suddenly we have to face the "instant" in which we are called to do the right thing.
I mean that she is not facing a routine fight... but rather she is risking her own existance. And being a Fey, doing that is what gives her existance. She is was she does... she does what she is.



I just relized that You had been emphatizing with the small glowing tree, while I was looking myself in the Fey warrior.

too different points of view. I should think a bit more on your side of the card.

I wonder what would happen looking at the card from the point of view of the shadows. I must think about it... because sometime willy or nolly we are the shadows.



another side


and this is the wonderful thing about discussions like this-- we all see things a bit differently. when we encounter a view unconsidered, it helps to round out our picture of the cards and our world.

and once again, my thanks for the energy and time the both of you put into connecting with the Fey. this is a deck that lives...


The green Feys remind me of growth & fertility. I see this Fey as one who is in a phase of spiritual & personal growth by fighting of the dark cloudy fears within her. Her stance shows her willingness to overcome. Behind her, she protects the/her tree of light. Is this a tree that she has traveled far to find, or one she has nurtured from the beginning? Which ever it is she is guards it with all of her being


The tree behind The Fey has developed and grown from the previous appearances in the other cards. The tree of life or energy stands behind the Fey.
In front the Fey brandishes the wand to fight off the dark forms.. that are approaching. Kind of like little bats but not. Threatening in any case he does not like them.

You are what you are within yourself. Things from outside you do try to come in and upset you. Thoughts or actions other people do to you or circumstances threaten you. This is all from outside you.
The Fey if fighting off negative thoughts that are trying to infiltrate his defenses and the tree of light that he has nourished with love and caring is behind him and is his Strength. The small plant appears quite a few times in the earlier cards. Personally I think the light is within us which is our strength but the artist is showing it as a growing, living, thriving plant of some type. Well designed I believe as it is no decipherable plant but one that he cherishes.


I agree with Ravenswing and memries.

The stance she has appears to be that of a martial art, so it would take some time and training to get to an adept level, not only that it requires self-discipline. Since it requires a lot of training, so to speak, then you have to train yourself to first recognise that such fears, doubts, insecurities and negative thoughts exist, then you have to recognise the pattern and when they arise, and then you can start to confront and challenge them. This takes a lot of practice. By doing this you are able to make progress, if not, you are doomed to stay where you are, not making progress, in some sense.