I did an Astro-Tarot reading this morning on my blog-site for an AT member in which the STAR came up as an obstacle in a four-card reading. The flow of the astrology and the tarot mini-readings were one of creativity, having all of the resources to move ahead, and the likelihood of having one's own business in a few years time.

In the obstacle position, I interpreted the STAR card as a warning to not sit and think and dream but to get out there and do something. It was quite a surprise to first turn up the Star card in that position. Those who may want to see the whole reading in its entirety can visit the blog site. Dave


The Fey Star is one of my all time favorites!! I love that card!! :heart:

But I think you interpreted it exactly how I would have. She's standing on the balcony, just soaking up the star light.....not doing much of anything but enjoying herself. So too much hoping and dreaming and not enough doing would be a pretty big obstacle as a matter of fact.


Thanks! I have been drawing the Star as an obstacle lately, and wasn't comfortable with the interpretations I was giving. This makes perfect sense.


Obstacles and Reversals

When we have an "obstacle" position in a spread, we can also see that position as a designated "reversal" of whatever card is found there. We might want to remember the "5-D's" ---- Diminution, Delay, Denial, Dark Side, Direction. For me, the reading was a reminder that we have to take the cards and the spread as they come to us. Dave