Fey tarot- 6 of wands


I have a question about the 6 of wands from the Fey Tarot... in most decks, the 6 of wands is a victory card.. someone rides in from a journey and everyone cheers him, like he's accomplished something and he is recieving praise. In this deck (the Fey), they have it that a "foreign fey" rides in, carrying a bonsai plant, and everyone looks at him like he is some oddball or something. ;) The message implies that he could be the bearer of good OR not-so-good news.. and to be understanding of foreigners.. that meeting a foreigner or someone different "is always an occasion for growth and joy". I dont get this... can someone please shed light? Thanks! :) Reason I ask is because I know the Fey can supposively be used with RWS style books since it is a similar deck. But this card sure seems to take a diffrerent and maybe (?) incompatible slant on the 6 of wands..



So perhaps the victory is rather empty? that happens too, hollow victories. The card seems to be more about the stranger appearing and how the community will receive him? how does this Fey feel? The others certainly are staring, but perhaps they haven't quite decided how to react. The bonsai plant is the product of a lot of spiritual meditation. He bears this, perhaps as his gift to this new group of Fey. Perhaps the bonsai plant has more to teach about "victory" than winning a battle. What victories over self does one have to achieve to achieve a perfect bonsai? On the other hand, the image stands as it is, by itself and does not really need to be compared, clonelike, to the RWS. There are many things to draw from the image as it is presented. BB, Michael


Hi Sunflowr,

that meeting a foreigner or someone different "is always an occasion for growth and joy". I dont get this... can someone please shed light? Thanks!

Let me just try. :) Well I think this card has an extra twist. There IS vicory for the "strange" Fey who enters a new community. He survived his travels, he is stared at but for me the people around him are willingly awaiting him. That alone is victory itself. It takes courage to open our hearts and minds for new people who do not belong to our community, to open up for new, perhaps a bit frightening situations. Change can be frightening for a lot of people. But it is a choice to be friendly and fier. "Let's see what this newcomer brings, give him something to eat and drink, let's open up for the stories of his travels, and what strange plant is it he is holding? Let's find out." It is victory over our own fears for the unknown and there is joy in learning from strangers and strange situations. I think this Fey card of victory is the best six of wands I've ever seen.




Thanks, Dwaas, for your post. I appreciate very much your insights. I spent the day with this Fey yesterday and I really like it also. The immediate differences from the Rider deck forced me to "keep looking" and your post brought it all together. :) BB, Michael


I am thinking of another angle for this card, on top of Dwaas's "victory for the stranger in going into a strange land" (which I like): the fey depicted is an ambassador. 6s represent harmonious meetings - and in the wands, with the suggestion of growth and communications, we have the representative of a foreign fey government, come to present his respects to the local fey & their government; to present his letters of accreditation, to bring gifts from faraway Fey-Cathay...Around his neck he wears the medal of his office, and he rides an unknown fey-mount, sedately through the gaping crowd.

There is something formal and respectful about this card, as well as exotic. From this perspective, there is less victory and more of a coming together, of a harmonious communication between the fey-peoples. Perhaps this ambassador comes from a place unknown to the local feys, or perhaps his visit follows the signature of a peace treaty between their peoples - in which case there is both gladness and hesitation in the people watching the ambassador, since he represents a new peaceful departure...but might also be a trick - a "Greek bearing gifts".

It is up to us, when we receive this card, to open to the strange, to the foreign - to the ambassador of a friendly other - even if, or perhaps especially if, we have been at odds with that foreign other.



Great post, Helvetica! I've decided to spend more time with this card, along with my daily draw. I need to meditate on the insights you and Dwaas have shared. So when are you guys going to write book 2 for the Fey?? :)

BB, Michael


The multiple-view of the six of wands.

Following my suggestion in another thread, I'd like to offer a few brief comments on this card alone.

1) In terms of viewing this card in a SITUATIONAL or ACTION sense: One has a mission to open new doors, to deliver an important message. Care must be taken in how one proceeds, there should be no rush to complete this task but instead one should move forward deliverately but not aggressively. You carry a message or an idea or opportunity that is bigger than you and the moment.

2) In terms of BASIC VALUES and BELIEFS: Be proud of the values you carry and do not bestow or share your values on/with others without being careful and deliberate. Some are not ready to recieve something new and valuable.

3) In terms of RELATIONSHIPS: Trust and reciprocal values are built slowly. Do not fear to be first in opening possibilities, and offer that which you value so others can value what you value. Shared values and ideas are the basis for a relationship.

4) In terms of ASPIRATIONS and GOALS: Deliberative and focused progress will lead you forward. Follow what you value. Value that which you follow. You can see the vision, the goal -- and you know the reason for moving ever forward. Don't be distracted.

5) In terms of an OUTCOME or RESULTS card: You will need to consider fulfilling your quest or vision by proceeding with your plan. You will need to give something of yourself to those worthy of receiving it. Make progress toward this goal at every opportunity, do not deviate, stop or pass "Go". (A referecne to the Monopoly board game).

Depending upon which context the card has within the spread, within the question, these four approaches to understanding this card may be helpful in communicating with the client that part of the story. Dave.


The above posts are all enlightening. I guess I am fascinated with the Turtle.
A slow but unfailing, deliberate walk enables the Turtle to arrive at the destination. There has to be more.. the size of him, the fact He is a Turtle at all and the accoutrement's he is wearing including a bell and he has a large horn ! I don't think the rider has any wings to me it looks like a plant behind him. Is the rider of a foreign nature to the Fey ? Does he present different values of the unknown ? It is a fascinating card. Both the onlooking adults in the card have a child with them. Any ideas ?


The Turtle
Because of its great age and its slow metabolism the turtle is associated with longevity. Turtle medicine can teach new perceptions about time and our relationship to it. It can also help us grow old gracefully and in harmony with our environment. When the pace of life becomes too hectic the turtle shows us how to slow down and go with the flow.

Turtles have amazing survival skills and strategies. They sense vibrations in the water through their skin and shell. Turtle totems hold the mystery of awakening the senses on both the physical and spiritual levels and can stimulate clairaudience.

Turtles carry their homes on their back. The shell is actually the backbone and ribs of the turtle and serves as home and shelter for it. Those with this medicine should remember not to acquire more possessions then they actually need. The burden of responsibility can become a heavy weight for you to carry.

When turtle is flipped on its back it uses its strong neck to right itself. This can be a reminder to use your own head and inner knowledge to right yourself when your world gets topsy-turvy.

When turtle shows up in your life, it is time to get connected to your most primal essence. Go within your shell and come out when your ideas are ready to be expressed. The turtle cannot separate itself from its shell and we cannot separate ourselves from what we do to the earth. The way to heaven is through the earth and both are interconnected.

The Fey looks to me like he has cat's eyes.
he muscles of the iris surrounding the pupils are constructed in a fashion that allows the eye to narrow to a vertical slit in bright light and to open fully in very dim light, to allow a maximum of illumination.
In addition, a reflective layer behind the cat's retina called the tapetum reflects incoming light and bounces it back off the cones, making more use of the existing light. The tapetum is probably responsible for the fact that when a small amount of light hits a cat's eyes at night, you see shiny green orbs.