Fey Tarot, The Devil reversed


I got this card in a reading I did the other day and was wondering about it's significance especially in the Fey deck in particular.

I found it interesting that the tree is emphasized when you reverse this card, rather than the flames, and it almost looks as if the tree is growing from the Devil's mouth, though it's "leaning" away from the flame in the Devil's tail. I love that there's this infinity loop being implied here, that what causes destruction could also aid growth and it feels relevant because I know that some pine cones need fire before they're able to release their seeds and because it makes sense with the Fool's journey as described at the Aeclectic site.

What I'm curious about is the significance of this card being reversed though, 'cause most places have the Devil reversed as being a particularly negative sign. Your thoughts?


My thoughts are that reversed cards signify blocks. (Though I should point out that I am not a reversed card reader 99% of the time.) So perhaps some aspect of clearing away, or destruction is being blocked; like a person who keeps all of their woes to themselves and then finally explodes.

You have some very good thoughts on this. There are quite a few Australian plants that only flower ofter something destructive like a bushfire, so i'm going to keep that in mind. I see what you are saying about the tree becoming more prominent. Perhaps that could indicate something that goes back to the "roots" as it were, like childhood issues becoming a destructive force in later life?


Our Devil

I love this card! and I love your reflections! Sometimes with reversed cards I get inspired by something I think Rachel Pollack suggested. Following the thoughts of blockages, a reversed card first calls upon us to reflect where those blockages are......name them. At that point, ritually, one physically turns the card round face up as a commitment to move past the blockage, sort of a ritual way to express choice and release. Glad to see Fey lovers posting again!! BB, Michael