Miss Divine

I received the Fey tarot and I really like them. I only have the deck with the LWB, which isn't much of a help at all.
I usually don't bother with the LWB, but looking through the cards, I realized some had very different meanings than the Rider-Waite type decks I have, or any of the decks I own, so I took a look in the Fey study group... THANK GOD FOR THAT!! It's been a great help understanding this deck more, but there's many cards that haven't been discussed there yet. Which means I have to rely on myself..ahum;)
But I just don't get some of the cards.
For example: 5 of swords, This Fey just looks relaxed, there is no comparison with the 5 of swords images I know.
Can someone please help with this card?

Thanks so much!


Very different

All swords are about the presentation or the defense of ideas, ideals, concepts or any mental perception and action. Swords have little feeling as a rule, and are less concerned with gain or physical possessions, and they don't always represent action taken.

In this Five of Swords, the large sword might suggest that a battle had taken place in the past -- hours ago, days ago, long ago. Whoever wielded it may come back for it and another battle may be in the offing. But, for the moment there is no battle. The Fey enjoys a peaceful interlude.

Does this interlude, during which one can mentally pursue many paths, present one with an alternate to a battle or strife as a way of dealing with a situation. The mind may get locked into a strife-filled and combative attitude, but it can also find other approaches.

As a PAST card: There was an opportunity to reflect, choose or retreat.
As a PRESENT card: You should be calmly considering alternatives.
As a FUTURE card: There will be an opportunity to reconsider your situation.
As a RESOURCE card: Find or remember a calming place, a time when other possibilities might have existed.

I hope this helps. Dave

Miss Divine

Yes Dave thank you for helping me understand this card.
I think I was trying to compare too much with RWS meaning.

Take care!


6 Haunted Days

I really recommend the Fey companion book, it is truly one of the best out there!

Great synopsis of the symbols in each card, the world of Fey and the story/interpertation. It's just delightful. Also he gives you a great inside view on the creation and inspirations of the images. Rough sketches and the whole creative process, it's quite fascinating.

The book opens up the images and whole deck for you in an absolutely amazing way!


Hello Miss Divine The fey Tarot is a great deck it has a great image and symbol on the card. As 6 haunted Wood said the companion book of The fey Tarot is a great guide journey on the world of fey. It is also great on story telling and really great on beginners. The Companion book also contain some introduction and history of the tarot and the fey tarot. So have fun with it and take care!


From this card I get an idea... there is a light touch to do something you have to do that is very heavy. To me swords are ideas or thoughts and the Fey is giving it some consideration.

She is holding the stars in her hand while being sat on a large half submerged sword. Water, emotions. The sharpness of the the sword, very cutting and yet despite all this she is sitting with stars in her hand.

The thoughts will lift up the heavy situation. She has turned her back to the sword and is looking toward the Light ? Have Faith whatever is behind you.

Not sure I am right but that is what I get.

Miss Divine

Thanks all for your replies!

Yes 6 Haunted Days, I wanted to get the companion book, but it isn't available from where I order from. So I'll just have to do w/o the book.

Lovely deck though!


Hello Miss Divine,
Have you seen this thread about the 5 of Swords?

I view the Fey as semi-traditional, they loosely follow the 'rules' of RW.
I find the Fey speak to me by way of their images and the symbolic basics of tarot; suits, elements etc, yet, with some cards I get more of, say, and earthy feel from a Chalice card. Sometimes there is a balanced blend in a card. I use all this when reading with the Fey.

When I look at the 5 of Swords, some of what I see is the 'sands of time' & 'bury the hatchet' as well as 'letting go'.
To me this is a very earthy swords card. I find the sand to be important in most readings and how it connects to other cards in the spread. Sometimes the sand is more about how many grains, the uncountable & infinite, other times it is about it's potential, from causing erosion to being made into glass.
The sword is buried in the sand bringing the intellectual and thought into it.

Quite mediation, or remembering the fallen. Removing oneself from a 'battle' & dropping the matter creating conflict or plain out refusing to 'bear arms' for the sake of peace and quiet.