Ffaff the Ffooter

Shadow Wolf

I know exactly why he's playing with me.................................

I've been too busy jumping from prject to project and nothing gets finished !!!!!!

He's telling me I need to keep my feet solidly planted on terra firma in order to accomplish what I want to accomplish and I have to stay focused long enough to finish what I start.

My energy has been very scattered lately, so I need to concentrate my energy on the thing that I want to accomplish !!!!


I got him today!
And at first I was actually so stressed out I couldn't make heads or tail out of the card. I just sat there and finally had to look in the book.
And then it was like "Aha!"
So I closed the book, took a few deep breaths and started all over again.

These are my keywords - some written before I read the book and some after.

Not flashy, almost demure. Earthy. Fast - but not right now.
(this is where I gave up)
To be fast you need to have good feet, to breath properly and to see the ground.

He got a hersey-kissed head:)
And the shrooms - both earthy and spiritual (the underworld - mind altering)
And I hear him whisper (like dry leafs crunching under your bare feet) that I need to go out even though it will rain on me. So I do.
And it rains on me and I crawl on all fours taking photos of tiny tiny flowers and leaves being born all wrinkly.
And I get burned by stinging nettles and don't really mind at all.


OH Jema, your words are poetry! claps her little hands in delight and listens in fascination for more!


I see his wings as being very unbalanced, so Spirit gave him his extra antennae to conpensate for being unable to fly. I see earth magic.

Sorry this one is short