Final Card in the Celtic Cross


What does the last card in the Celtic Cross spread mean to you?

Traditionally it is the 'outcome' card.. but that doesn't always fit for me. Sometimes it seems more like an advice card, specially if it is a question about an ongoing situation. What do you think?

~ Solandia


I do a 13 cc spread - where 12 is outcome, and 13 is an advise card. Kind of a "last comment" card. I kind of feels that the outcome doesn?t wrap it up - you know - I need that last comment thing to feel "done"


In the strict "outcome" sense, it has represented "this is a probable or a possible", given the parameters of the previous cards in the spread.
When the card seems to be a "wild card" or to not fit, I review the spread & usually examine cards 1 & 2 &/or the bottom card of the cross. The first 2 cards often give "the crux" of the matter; the bottom card as "the foundation" may refer to far past influences or subconscious influences affecting the reading as a whole &/or produces another element--being the card that does not fit.
If none of those cards seems to relate to the last card, I draw cards from the deck (without additional shuffling) until it is a 15-card spread with additional positions.
Positions 11-13 (placed at left hand corner of cross part of spread) = Psychological or Spiritual/Karmic lesson other than above spread.
Position 14 (placed between Position 10 & bottom card of cross) = Person or situation one has no control over.
Position 15 (placed at lower left corner of cross) = Timing.
I think the Celtic Cross tends to provide a lot of information so generally I use additional cards only if the reading seems to call for it. On occasion I've automatically used the 15-card spread.


I use a 9 card spread of my own design, a sort of tarot meets medicine wheel, where the last card is actually the action that should be taken. If I want further insight into any one card I pull another 3. IF you designate the last card as the possible outcome then that is what it is. If you want it to be the possible action the subject is recommended to take then that is what it is. Simply decide before the reading and that is what the deck will give you. Since you are in partnership with the deck then what you designate is what you will get. Just be clear before you begin.