Finding Shakti/Shiva spread (sexual divination)


I've been pondering this for a few days and a talk with my brother, who also reads Tarot, helped to focus my thoughts. He reminded me that Tarot picks up on my energy, so divination works similar to palm reading, we're predicting giving the current trend (also said Swords can tell us how many months, and the max is about 10 months out, never heard that one).

So, I came up with a spread to help predict your next sexual partner (my very 1st!..spread, not sexual partner!!). 6 cards are drawn:

1. Appearance or description of person
2. How I should approach them
3. What will our chemistry be like?
4. Difficulty/obstacles/challenges?
5. Relationship potential: long-term or fling?
6. Timing/when will we meet (or, you know)

6 is a number of harmony also representing The Lovers, so I like the number of cards. It is also not too many, as I would rather keep it simple. As for the layout...


Crossing the 1 with the 4 makes sense to me. Approach being the 2, or what's on "top" or "conscious" makes sense as well (I'm using Celtic Cross logic). Chemistry belonging to the "left" realm of intuition and feeling, 5 being the unconscious knowing, and 6 being the future/how things progress. The order they're drawn in makes sense to me as well, for example, 1 is the individual and 4 is a number of structure/challenge/practicality. I don't know if there is a science to creating spreads but what counts is that it works!

1. The Hermit crossed with 4. Ace of Swords

2. 9 of swords (Cruelty)

3. 7 of disks (Failure)

5. 7 of swords (Futility)

6. Lust

*Quintessence: Adjustment VIII

Yikes! No matter how I laid out this spread, the cards were not positive. So "Shakti" is someone introverted/shy/solitary, perhaps very spiritual or philosophical. Could also be someone I haven't seen in quite a while. Ace of Swords is very clear, and direct, which means the situation shouldn't have too much difficulty. Swords are all about cutting away what isn't necessary and air is the quickest of the elements.

9 of swords suggests a very cold, heartless approach. Acting in accord with our most base and cruel instincts. Hmm, as I put this together, I am beginning to see how this may be a 'positive' card. I got a text from someone I hooked up way back in January (Hermit) who is submissive and loves dominance (9 of swords).

7 of disks means the chemistry will not be what I think it is (failure) and/or strictly physical (which it is...if that :/). 7 of swords affirms the short-term theme, as it would be futile to have a long-term relationship with her. She flaked 2 days ago, which I can't stand. Almost deleted her number.

Lust as time, indicates spontaneity/giving yourself to the moment. Being a trump card as well, I would also say 'very soon', and I am seeing her tomorrow. I may be on a date with a girl I actually like and see potential in, so it depends on whether my Lust wins out or not. Adjustment holds the same sword from the Ace of Swords. Referring back to it, perhaps the relationship I actually see potential in hangs in the balance, and I'll have to make a decision (cut). Lust could also be her, and Hermit could be my outcome (ending up alone). Still playing with it.

Please give feedback and try for yourselves!!


So I did another drawing and this time, I changed the layout to look more like a yoni/vulva. So..


The 4 is the clitoris or 'most sensitive area', crossing Shakti. The shape is more for fun but nothing is without meaning. As far as the positions...I'm torn. I'm beginning to feel like having pre-designated position meanings can actually be a hindrance (at least with regards to our own created spreads). My intuition says that if court or trump cards come up, the other cards should become more supportive of them.

The one I did this morning was 1. 7 of swords (Futility), 2. Knight of Swords, 3. Death, 4. 3 of cups (Abundance), 5. 8 of cups (Indolence), 6. 10 of wands (Oppression). Quintessence: The Heirophant. 7 of swords shows up again, as well as a generally negative looking spread. Usually, I go very in-depth with each card meaning when I do a spread but the message looks clear to me. Right now, there is some obstacle or perhaps it is just 'not the right time' for sex. There is something I need to learn (Heirophant) or change (Death) first, before that river runs again (I slept with 5 women in January, and only 1 or 2 since. I know, I know, I'm greedy).

The advice seems to be that once I 'let go', the abundance I seek will return. But if I keep pushing it, my actions will be met with a lot of resistance (Oppression) but its futile to be aggressive right now.

*I also read it using the positions, and it made sense as well. For example, I should approach like the Knight of Swords. Yesterday, it was the 9 of swords. So air is clearly the element I should approach with. Chemistry represented by the Death...she is a Scorpio and again, the chemistry is not sustainable.