Fire! Fire! More wands! - Seven and Nine


Okay, now that Marion did my homework for me and posted the thread on the 2 and 3 of wands (thank you!! I was just about to do the same).

I've always been tangled about the 7 and 9 of wands. They both say "defensive" to me however the 7 seems to say "protect what you have (maybe after the victory of 6 of Wands) and the 9 is all about "don't let anyone in" (after the rush of the 8 of wands). They still give me the same message but I know its not the case.

Does anyone have any comments or did I just answer my own question?


~ january


Yeah, those are tough ones. I think the problem is with the 9, which I never quite felt was done right in RW. There's an image in the Dragon deck which shows a staircase. That might be closer.

7 implies that you're under attack and you have to stick by your guns. That's easy enough. It relates well enough to The Chariot, the keep-rolling-onto-victory feel of the 7's. Don't be distracted, don't give up.

If we relate the 9 of wands to the Hermit, what do we get? It's more like that last push, that final burst of energy, that last stand. The answer--success if you will--is within reach, if you just go out with your lantern and look. But here's the trick, the 9 implies that you might be ready to give up. To say, as the Hermit might, "I'm too tired/cynical/old for this. I'd rather stay home."

I guess the real difference is what one is fighting against. In 7, you know who and what you're up against and it's coming from the outside; nasty, eager opponets who want to take from you what you have. You have to be fierce and strong and focused. Lots of willing energy and confidence.

In the 9, you're fighting against your own doubts, fears, weariness, cynicism. You only have to willing to go on for just a bit more, to hold on till the dawn--like the poor guy standing before those 9 wands.

How's that?


i always remember the sevens like this;

upright - dont give up
reversed - dont hold on



Thanks for the sage input, Thirteen and Blumoon!

After your replies, I layed out the hermit and chariot along with the 4 respective suit cards and here are my thoughts:

The Hermit is all about introspection and the four suit cards each have a single figure on them (well, at least in RW and spiral!) So, looking into the hermit's mind, I tried to look at this as the 4 aspects of Self: The Hermit is contemplating to be, content with the Self by...
- being physically comfortable and self-sufficient but may still shut out others (Pents),
- emotionally and warm and fuzzy inside, yet sort of smug with a tendency towards over-indulgance (cups)
- putting my passion into protecting those self created blocks instead of facing them (wands)
- beat yourself up with self-created negativity until you're all cried out, ready to give up (swords)

And the Chariot, what's he controlling? What's the duality?
- Should I stay or go? Is it done or does it need a final touch? I feel Okay but is it enough?(Pents)
- I can't see my choices clearly yet - they all seem good (cups)
- I know I have the upper hand but when can I release this energy and relax? (wands)
- Who/what am I not truthful to? Am I really winning by running? (swords)

Hmm.. I guess each Major Arcana can be set up with the Minors in a flow-chart-like fashion (such a pragmatic Cap. expression, huh? Am I in the Tarot boardroom?). I'm going to lay out the entire group of Majors like this... it gives me much more insight. However, what about numbers 11 and up? Are they reduced to their single digits?

~ january


January: I see the minor arcana from Aces (Ones) to Tens as the elemental aspects of the Major Arcana 1 through 10, but I do not "reduce" the higher numbered Major cards (11 through 21). The process applied to the lower numbered cards does not seem to apply in a *direct* manner to the rest of the Majors. It may depend on what you are looking for in terms of associations.