First Card Reading


I had my cards read for the first time today. The reader was slightly inexperienced and I would like to have a little more insight. The cards were in a pattern of three across and four down. The last row row to the right read from bottom to top as follows. knight coins: upside down
6 Clubs : upsides down
6 coins : Right side up
Ace of Wands: Right side up
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hi Kitty!

I wish I could help, but I'm not familiar with this spread. Not sure what the cards mean in those positions. The only thing I get from what is given is something involving money, maybe a new job? Is the job working with money? Perhaps a charitable org? Sorry I'm so vague... any other info. you have would be very helpful.

Rhiannon :)


Greetings kprince and welcome to the forum! :) :)
Rhiannon's right, it would help a lot if you could draw up the spread and give explanations for the positions (i.e. past, present, future). It's also helpful if you have the name of the deck.

I didn't understad the 6 of clubs... Did the reader use both tarot and regular playing cards? Did she in that case mix them in one spread? Sounds strange... :p