First time angel deck buyer. Recommendations?

Julian Jaymes

I guess this got on my mind because of the Doreen Virtue news, but also because of random things in my life. Angels just keep showing up all over the place, and as a Tarot/oracle reader and collector, I think it's time I get an angel deck. :)

I didn't really get into oracle decks until recently, but in addition to my tarot collection, I have the Osho-Zen Tarot (which I use as an oracle actually), the Nature's Whispers Oracle by Alana Fairchild and Josephine Wall, and I have the Lightworker's Oracle shipping to me in a week.

Any recommendations for a first-time angel card buyer? I prefer 40+ card decks (though it seems most are 44). I see so many on Amazon but I have nooooo idea which one to get to start with. Are there any "standards" that everyone seems to like? Are there any that are recommended for beginners? What do??



The only angel oracle I ever considered getting was The Angel Oracle Deck by Ambika Wauters. It only has 36 cards tho so it did break your 40-card rule, but at about $10 in Amazon right now it's a bit of a steal. You might want to take a gander at the cards.


The only angel deck that I have is DV's Angel Tarot. It has the 78 cards, but is more of an oracle.

However, it's quite psychedelic and neon and some people don't seem to like that. I just use it in dim lighting and it works out fine.


I second EmpyreanKnight and Ambika's deck

I don't have it, but when I was looking through different decks, liked that one.

I am not a big Doreen Virtue fan, have none of her decks, but I did get a reading with her first Angel Oracle deck many years back at a Halloween faire and that was the deck the reader was using and it was a pretty good reading (but then it is the reader, not the deck, that gives a good reading :). It was a pretty deck, as I recall. LARGE cards.

But if I were to get an Angel oracle deck, it would likely be Ambika's.

It really is just looking through decks, Tarot Decks and Reviews here is a good place to quickly scan, and see what appeals to you.


My favorite is the White Rabbit Oracle. Love the quirky art, and the readings I get from it are very clear.

Onion Budgie

I particularly like the Angels of Atlantis oracle by Stewart Pearce. It isn't as "fluffy" as a lot of the angel decks out there. The artwork is rather striking, and intensely coloured, full of deep reds and rich greens. I've had some good readings with it.

Julian Jaymes

Thank you everyone!

I'm really considering the Angel Tarot. That one just looks so awesome. But I'm going to look into all of these.



Hope I'm not too late to the enabling party!

Here's an angel tarot that has round cards. I like it!

Here's fun oracle. Maybe a little girly, but I like girly when it's well done:

I have a few Shemhamephorasch/72 angels/72 names of God oracles, but it looks like they are all out of print, so I won't try to enable you on those.

I don't think this upcoming deck is based on the 72 names, but it's certainly a different take on angels!


I don't have an angel deck myself yet as they have never really appealed to me. However, that angelarium deck changed my mind big time! Now I just have to wait till I have some spare cash lying around with nothing to do :D


healing with Angels by DV perhaps and also Angel Answers to be used in conjunction with another oracle or tarot deck (doesnt work in its own)