Five of swords


I was doing Kazz' event spread and I got these cards:

1. event about to happen = prince (knight) of wands
2. how you will feel about it = 8 of wands
3. what you can do about it = 5 of swords.

This puzzles me, to get 5 of swords as an advice ?
I thought maybe the cards were warning me that something could get lost ? I found out that day a parcel of mine got lost in the mail (yes, it was a new tarot deck ! the Faery Wicca ! these terrible things do happen !) and I contacted the bookstore so they could look into it.

Either that, or my deck is just showing of lol ;)
I use the Celtic tarot and the 5 of swords is rather sweet, with swans in a lake. Maybe I should rename it 5 of swans ;)
But actually the card has the traditional meaning of 5 of swords.

So how would you people interpret that ?


ok, my gut-reaction for the 5 of swords - is that perhaps it is time you raise your voice, quarrel with them, demand your right and don't let anyone use you are treat you badly.
someone lost a deck that belonged to you - they should replace it.
don't be afraid of complaining.

either that or accept the defeat.

the Gill 5 of swords is about loss and how we deal with it.
(picking out Gill since i don't got your deck)

do you see that missing deck as money "thrown into the lake" = lost forever?

jema rambling on and on


thanks for your interpretation.
I reported it as soon as I realised I hadn't gotten the deck. They don't know yet where things went wrong, maybe it was shipped to outer mongolia by a blind postman or something ?
I'll keep a close check on how they handle this, surely they would not want to loose a starting deck collector for a customer ? :p

Original Destiny

The Golden dawn called this card the Lord of Defeat...In your case it could be interpreted as being unable to do anything...out of your control...If I get this card in a reading I always advise clients to sit tight and let things go there own way because the client has no control...someone else has the upper hand...accept this and wait for things to turn round...:TFOOL


Thanks, that seems to make sense.
I was just wondering what a card like that was doing in the advice position, because it does not look like a card that encourages any activity.
I still hope my cards will show up though... ;)


Hi, WolfSpirit!

Sorry to hear your deck's gone astray - particularly the Faery
Wicca (which I acquired recently and am researching as I don't know much about Celtic mythology - even though my maternal grandfather came from Northern Ireland). I hope it turns up.

Following something along the lines of Original Destiny's post, my Robin Wood deck has three figures on the 5 Swords. The largest figure definitely has the upper hand - he's got all the swords! In the background are two figures each reacting very differently. One is moving away apparently without a care in the world, accepting that it's out of his hands and the third is in despair. I'd like to think it portrays the three attitudes you can take to this: (a) don't give up hope and keep hassling them (politeley, of course - if you want to get anywhere!), (b) leave them to sort it out and put your faith in it coming right or (c) lose too much sleep over it but not get anything constructive done about it. Assuming you've paid good money for this (and it's not one of the cheaper ones) and you particularly want this deck, I'd be inclined to go for (a).

Hope this helps!


I did not really have to hassle them that much really, I think they were very decent: they accepted it must have got lost somehow during transport and they will pay me back.
Yes, I also think it cost quite a lot but I very much like celtic culture (although I don't really know that much about it, it just appeals to me a lot) so I really want to have it, even more probably now it's taking me so long to get it.
Like your interpretation of the 5 of swords, see how much more interpretation you get with a different picture.
See that's it, I'll have to have more decks ;)


Glad to hear they've been reasonable about it.

I simply mentioned the cost cos I've got a few decks now and this ranked amongst the more expensive for decks without a proper book - although the LWB is transformed into a reasonably thick book the size of the cards. The Nefertari takes the top slot for stand-alone decks with no resource material (apart from an appallingly written LWB which left me no wiser) but then it is golden!

Quote:Originally posted by WolfSpirit
I use the Celtic tarot and the 5 of swords is rather sweet

We're obviously not using the same Celtic! I've just found the Lo Scarabeo (sorry, Solandia - I always mean to be good but then I spot another deck ready to jump off the shelf at me!) and there's no way the 5 Swords is sweet on this one! In fact, it's RW inspired so fits in with my original post on this - the blond in the latter is replaced with a big red-haired Celtic warrior, that's all. Have you got the one that's based on the Mabignon (?sp) - they had that too, but I managed to resist

Oh dear, if you like Celtic culture and you're in danger of becoming a deck collector, this one is definifely to go on your list! Or perhaps you could get it instead if the Faery Wicca doesn't surface. Have you seen the whole FW? The Minors are largely pips and it took me a while to work out what was going on - but I think I've sussed it now. Perhaps a Faery Wicca study group when you get yours?


i am on a different page i suppose regarding this reading.

i see a movement that you are taking action over in your life. there is definite success coming your way and a great amount of enjoyment over this success.

are you sure it's talking about a deck of tarot cards? could it be speaking about another aspect of your life?

in light,


Jade, that sounds just spot-on !
I had meant this spread as a daily spread, so I looked no further than that day. The cards probably refer to a longer period.
Yes, there's going to be changes: I have saved enough to be able to quit my job, I'll look for homework and also travel to Scotland, mainly I'll have a few months in which I don't actually have to make any money so I have time to find out what I really want. If I don't buy too many tarot decks, that is })

LouiQ: I use the Celtic tarot by Julian De Burgh. The 5 of swans is in the deck section of Aeclectic, so you can see for yourself.
The cards in this deck don't represent the meanings very well, the pictures represent Irish legends.
I just read the story of this card: the swans are people turned into swans by a woman who took revenge on their father, they had to live in hardship and pain for 900 years ! They learnt to sing sorrowful songs and people came from everywhere to listen to them. So not so sweet after all...

I have just found pictures of the Lo Scarabeo Celtic deck, a very different style from the one I have but I love it. That's definitely going on my wish list.
I want the Faery Wicca too though (I think)
*sigh* decisions, decisions...