Flavours for The Cards....?


Well, in the 'decks' section of this forum, we were discussing which deck we would take with us on a deserted island, and I thought that an edible one would be good, so I didn't starve to death. Then, in 'Firelite Firune Teller' Melvis was talking about a feely velvet deck, and I suggested why not use all the senses... So, to start with....

For as many cards as you can think of, what flavour would you asociate with them? This is what I think...

Lovers: Whipped cream and strawberries... ;)
Empress: Pomegranate
King of Pentacles: A good, strong wine
10 of Pentacles: Freshly baked bread
Devil: Death By Chocolate gateau....
High Priestess: Apple (Of knowledge)
Page of Cups: Any fish
Hermit: That stuff Yoda from Star Wars eats...
Wheel of Fortune: Tutti Fruiti icecream
World: Chocolate. Need I explain?
Hanged Man: Upside down pudding, or alternately, Nothing, as per suggestion from Odin in the Havamal... "Nobody gave me food, nor gave me drink..."
10 Swords: The cold taste of steel

Um... I've lost inspiration. I know this post is silly, but it's fun too!



Devil would be cinnamon for me. I saw your post over there, too. My first thought was "oh how funny!" my next thought was "eeewwww, the cards would be all sticky and you could really only use them once." i don't think i'd want people licking my tarot deck while i was giving them a reading. LOL (pictures friend sucking on the Lovers card) actually, it's STILL funny!

Rhiannon :)


hee hee. this is great.

okay, how about pumpkin pie for the 7 of Pentacles and "sparkling spring water" for the Star.....


actually, i'll just take the entire deck in milk chocolate...


I'm with Nexy, only maybe for variety we could split it up. The Higher Arcana could be Semi-Sweet, Swords could be white chocolate, Cups could me milk chocolate, Pentacles could be a rich Godiva chocolate, and wands could be buttercream chocolate!


i like the idea for an all chocolate and it's variations of deck. however, i'd eat that deck way to fast.

mmm...pumpkin pie. =)

i dunno what i could really contribute to this. other than maybe attempting the same style thing with alcohol... or drinks. and even then i don't drink enuf different drinks to come up with 78 cards.

ah well, leave the cooking to the cooks i suppose. if i were on a desert island i'd starve. plain and simple.

blessed be,


Now why didn't I, in all my teenage girl capacity, think of a chocolate deck? Mind you, I said the World should taste of it, cuz choc is the world to me...

Maybe I should go find seomwhere that makes plastic food moulds... And make them into the cardsof the Tarot. They could be a whole new novelty Christmas/Yule gift for Tarot lovers everywhere!

Now presenting... The Chocolate Tarot! In Tarot stores everywhere!



Moving along with .dc's idea for alcoholic beverage flavored cards. I apologize to the underaged...

High Priestess should be something sort of creamy, maybe a White Russian.

Something fruity for the Empress, maybe a Strawberry Daquiri or a Banana Lover.

The Lovers? Body shots of tequila, of course! ;)

Emperor - a pint of Guiness. No question.

Hermit - Jack Daniels... or maybe Southern Comfort.

Hanged Man - maybe an Irish Coffee (caffeine for that "enlightened" feeling)

Magician - (obscure here) Jedi Mind Trick

Devil - Goldschlagger or cinnamon After Shock.

The Kings are bourbon, the Queens wine and the Knights Budweiser or something,
and the Pages could all be Shirley Temples or virgin Daquiris. They aren't old enough to be drinks yet. ;)

Thanks for the great inspiration!
Rhiannon :) (who now looks like a lush! lol)


Maybe the Pages should be Alcopops?



The 'Scratch and Sniff Tarot' ??

{WOW! That Hermit could sure use a bath!}

:-D :-D :-D