Fool's Dog Tarot Apps!!


momentarylight, yes, certainly worthy of consideration! However, keep in mind that decks which already have apps are not usually available for us to license. We keep track of requests, and inquire after everything that gets a couple of requests (or more), but they don't always work out.

Thanks. I appreciate the difficulties.

That deck is one of my favourites as an oracle and I'd love to see a more usable app.

Your other work is beautiful, Jason. I have eight of your apps now :)


Thanks for the apps! I use almost all available Fool's Dog apps, they are well organized and images are high quality. Actually, some decks (the Holy Light, Rosetta, ISIS Marseille) I discovered first as the apps, and only then got physical versions. It would be great to have Thoth on iPad, if possible!


We hope to have a couple of decks for Android by the end of the year.

Jason @ The Fool's Dog

I'm so excited to hear this! Thank you for expanding into the Android OS realm! I use (and buy) tarot apps extensively, but I use Android devices (phone and tablet). I look forward to buying Fool's Dog apps, since you offer so many great decks and the apps themselves are so well reviewed. The Tarot of the Holy Light, ISIS, International Icon, Rosetta, and Prairie are especially exciting.

:arrow: I have one suggestion/plea for your Android apps once they're in development: please make use of the Android "back" button!!

Several otherwise nice tarot/oracle apps, including Ciro's, unfortunately, don't allow use of the back button. Instead, they want you to hit a special button on the screen to go back to the menu. If you accidentally hit the back button (which we definitely will, being so accustomed to using it to go to a previous screen), you will be immediately closed out of the app and will also lose your current reading. This is unusual and very frustrating behavior for those familiar with the Android OS! I've been burned so many times by this programming quirk! :bugeyed: Almost all Android apps utilize the back function, so it really helps an app to feel like a native one if it works as we expect. AND you'll minimize frustration in your customer base. ;)

Le Fanu

I wrote on my blog about tarot apps, having enjoyed so many of them recently, and Fool's Dog Apps came out tops! They really are the best...


It here it here its here!!!! The Shadowscapes Tarot App is available in the App Store as of 8/8/13. I am so giddy!!! I downloaded it as soon as I saw it, and I've been checking the AppStore for it, specifically, once a week for months!!

The best surprise of all... It was developed by Fool's Dog!! Oh yeah!!! Happy dance, I'm doin' my happy dance!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

You can see the stunning artwork clearly, plus you can zoom in and its beautifully backlit!!! Be still, my beating heart!! The app has all of the Fool's Dog awesome features and their clean, user friendly interface, and it includes the companion book.

I'm so happy with this app! Just had to share!!


Agree! I was very impressed when I purchased the actual Shadowscapes deck for my daughter, the artwork is such a surprise. Downloaded the app for the iPad today and was really delighted. Stephanie Pui Mun Law's artwork shines on the larger screen.


Another plea to make it user friendly for the android devices. It is very different to the apple products, and I too have been frustrated at the fact there has been a straight lift from one to the other, and it does not work well. Reason already cited, using Ciro's decks as an example.

In addition, can it have all the functions our apple user friends have. I do get frustrated when I see how many spreads there are available on the apple apps compared to the android apps. Again, Ciro's decks as an example.

It may require more work on the creator's part, but it will be worth it. There are a LOT of android users out there, and they will be vocal if they see issues with content or usability.


We now have 11 decks out for Android devices, with several more on the way. I think we did a fairly good job of "thinking" Android in the user interface. I would love to hear what you all think about how well we did on that front.

Jason @ The Fool's Dog


You guys are so awesome!! I'm telling all my android using friends right now!!!


We now have 11 decks out for Android devices, with several more on the way.
Jason @ The Fool's Dog

Will you make the Isis Marseille available for android?