Forest Creatures Tarot


Gregory, I fell in your footstep. I've got my deck, I find it lovely too, like the size very much and cardstock is nice too. I'm another one of those 8 persons who has a box spelled torocco. But I guess I would've not even noticed it if I didn't already know about it.

But I have a much bigger problem: the box is torn apart. As I opened the box one of the flippers well on the floor. I look at the box and it has a big split. I thought it might have happened during shipping, but the deck was well protected by cardboard (the kind that Amazon uses) inside the package. And that cardboard intact. So it must have been sent with damaged box to begin with. There is no way that the box got ripped apart during shipping and the protective cardboard doesn't show any sign of it. It must have been sent like this. And THAT is very upsetting.

ETA Oh, the other side of the box is damaged too!


We carefully check all products for defects before dispatch.There should be a box was damaged during transport.


Lol - well I'm curious now as I'm waiting for mine to arrive.

If the box is damaged but the packaging isn't - then Rylla - your conclusion seems the only one possible to me. Hmm.


Well - my mini has arrived. :)

My box - even though firmly bubble and cardboard wrapped with no damage - had a small tear in the bottom. Lol. The cards are intact.

Nice deck :thumbsup: - and I like the size (US Games tin size... maybe I can find a tin for it...).
Good card stock. My grumble would be - that little gold trace pattern that gives a borderless deck a sort-of-border (why?)... it's superfluous imo. It would look nicer without it.


Specially for users we want to do a good offer.

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It will be interesting?


What is the code for the offer - the one you used last time doesn't work...