four of pentacles


Could someone please tell me how you would interpret the four of pentacles in a spread involving a relationship. I seem to get this card a lot when I do a relationship spread.


Again, it's helpful to know the rest of the cards so as not to take a card out of its context in a spread. To do so is like listening to only part of what is being said which may well give an inaccurate picture. For example, one hears of public figures stating that their remarks were taken out of context in the media. Now that I got that off my chest--:D
The initial impression is if this card appears in all your relationship spreads, there may be an issue with possessiveness &/or security. The two are closely aligned.
Or it could be a reference to past experiences influencing the present condition(s), which could also be a factor rather than an alternate scenario.


I agree with MeeWah about possessiveness being the most likely meaning in a relationship.

However, you also need to consider secretiveness, as in holding things too close to one's chest and not sharing freely as you would normally think in a relationship. Selfishness and mistrust are also possibly indicated.

Demon Goddess

When this card comes up for relationships, I often feel support or mutual strength.

If that helps.


In a relationship, the four of pentacles could signify having a deep need for security, possibly going overboard into selfishness or rank materialism. To me it suggests an imbalance; physical resources are hoarded instead of shared.

~ Solandia


Yes, Solandia! It's why the card is referred to as a "miser's" card in some instances.
There could be manipulation as well, using said resources (not exclusively of the material kind) as a means of control--surrounding cards could delineate the nature of this.
It can mean fear of losing whatever represents security or fear of losing control.
Have read it as one who has fear of open spaces--turned out the querent has a mild form of agoraphobia.