Free Gilded Tarot color study guide


A while back, I created a Gilded Tarot study guide in color, just for myself, since the little booklet that came with it the way I bought it wasn't much help. After using it some, I thought there might be folks here at Aeclectic who would like to have it too, and have gotten permission from Ciro, from Llewellyn, and from Solandia, to post about it here.

It's free for the taking at where there's a link to download it. I put up that website myself and I promise it has no cookies or ads or anything like that. I hope/plan to do more with it if you want to check back from time to time, but first and foremost was getting the study guide up online.

Each card was scanned in as a full color image and has its own page with a few notes, mostly from the book that came with the deck but a few here and there from other sources. It's a MS Word .doc so you can manipulate it to suit yourself if you want it with a different page order or paper size, want to add/edit/delete the notes in case you don't like mine :), or anything you like. Because of the detailed color images, it's a large file, almost 22M, so email wasn't going to work which is why I went ahead and put up a web page where it could be downloaded.

It helped me learn the cards faster to be able to study the images in full color along with the notes even when I didn't have the cards at hand. It works fine on screen and on paper.

Llewellyn had one condition on their permission, which is that I provide a link where people can buy the Gilded Tarot from them, and I am happy to do that.

I've attached a couple of sample pages to this post, if you want to preview. I hope you find the guide helpful! (And now that you've read this post, you can go straight to the bottom of that web page for the download link, because you know the rest. ;))


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This is very generous of you SecondWind.

It looks like you put a lot of work into the study guide. I don't own the deck but it's on my wishlist. I saved your site for later reference. It was very nice of Ciro, Llewellyn, and Solondia for letting you share it with us. :grin:


Thank you so much, Second Wind. I have the Gilded Tarot set, but recently injured my left shoulder, so it hurt to work with the cards and the book. Your lovely color study guide has come to me at just the right time! I down-loaded it, and really enjoyed examining each colorful presentation with your notes, and appreciating the vibrancy of the graphics on the backlit screen. Since all I had to do was click and scroll with my right hand, it was easy to visit with each card and following the guide turned into a truly painless entertainment, as it got my mind off the left shoulder completely. May you also be blessed with unexpected lovely gifts like the labor of love that you have presented to all of us.


I just want to express my thanks to you for the study guide. I was searching for a deck that "spoke" to me and finding your guide clinched it. The meanings given are right in line with how each card makes me feel. It's so much easier with the cards (in color) right beside the meaning. I really can't thank you enough for taking the time to do this and for sharing it!!


Thank you ever so much for posting this!!! I have saved it on my computer, and I intend to buy Gilded Tarot as soon as my IDS is up in March. I can't wait!!


hi there thank you

Hi there i have had this deck 2 month now and yeah the small book that is provided is ok what you have done is brilliant thank you for this and yeah the cards are brilliant as well,, I thought that they were so good that I saw his work in the divine tarot and I knew that I had to get those as well fantastic artist



Thank you so much!! You are very generous:)


Your comments are so wonderful -- I'm so glad folks are enjoying the guide!! :) :)


Thank you so much! I had the deck, traded it and the book away, regretted it immeadiately, and managed to get the deck again, however, I wasn't able to get the book, and the only other book I had for it was the Easy Tarot guide, which didn't help as much (and is my housemates... :p) This guide is easy for me to use (which takes a lot, considering my pretty appalling dyslexia... :D), and I'm looking forward to using it. :D


SecondWind, what a wonderful study guide! I really appreciate you being so kind to share it with us. Thank you so much! :)