free will of the spirit theory,


rather then hijack a different thread.

I felt it could be worth it to start a new thread, friend ming put forth the spirit has free will so without us in the mix, the former person will be helped by god when the spirit is ready.

I then thought what if when a spirit is attached , and we clear it ,, it doesn't really go into the light.. but rather a sort of holding place that keeps it safe until it is ready to go into the light.

personally I believe angels, spirits helpers are out there constantly trying to help out spirits that are lost, stuck, like in the judgement card when Gabriel blows the horn,, but it isnt' just on judgement day but being constantly sounded.

sure if time doesn't exist it should be in theory just a moment then for a spirit who is stuck to take up
then again, perhaps we are on the 8 day a several millennium judgement day .