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I created this spread because we're facing the prospect of having new neighbors for probably the ninth time in the last 35 years. We've run the gamut from "best friends" (the builders of the house) to "the neighbors from Hell," so I wanted to try looking ahead (no buyer yet). We've noticed that the house seems to have some "bad karma" associated with it since several marriages have broken up there.

The way I read this spread is to choose the strongest card in each of the three lines, Social, Practical and Ethical as the keynote for that area. This could be an ideal place to use Elemental Dignities to help determine strength as well as the general "tone" of each area. Personally, I would use reversals to see if there is "more than meets the eye" when making these judgements. I've added planetary associations that reflect the "natural vibration" of each factor, but you can ignore those if you like. Additionally, I've chosen more upbeat colors for the "Best Case" positions, neutral colors for the "Average" scenarios and more emphatic colors (except "moody violet" for the Moon) for the "Worst Case."

Next I look at the three keynote cards in combination to get a general feel for the quality of the relationship, and to see if any area stands out as remarkable or whether any are likely to be especially troublesome.

Finally, I use these three cards to derive a "quint" card that rolls up the essence of the three into a single Trump-card overview. (This step I still consider experimental, so I might dispense with it if it doesn't seem to add anything.)

The way the categories are set up, I think this spread could be used for new platonic friendships of any type. I'd be interested in whether anyone thinks there are other broad "friendship" elements that aren't adequately covered in the three ways I've already addressed.


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