From G6: YANKEE SWAP TRADING GAME - Notification Sign Up


Yankee Swap Tarot Trading Game – Sign Up Notification
Date: 4th of July Weekend 2017! USA Independence Day!

The Concept: It’s just like Yankee Swap aka White Elephant except with all tarot decks! It’s a lighthearted game of strategy and chance for everyone!

Short Explanation: Decks are listed up front in the first 24 hours of the game. You can pick a deck from a player that nobody has chosen from or “steal” a deck that has already been chosen up to 2 times. The player order goes by the order of decks listed in the first 24 hours. If you list your decks first then you get to go first. The game is played until each player has one deck.

The Rules:

1. Everyone that would like to play posts in the sign up notification thread. The player order will be from the order of posted deck lists in the official game thread.

2. If you wish to play you will need a minimum of two decks to trade, however you are encouraged to list as many decks as you would like to spice up the game!

3. At the appointed start time for the game everyone has 24 hours to post their “gifts” aka list of tarot decks that they wish to be considered for the swap. You may post as many decks as you like, but only one deck per player will be used in the official game. There are no late starts, so if you do not list your decks within the first 24 hours of the game you will not be able to play.

4. In list order, each player’s turn consists of a 12-hour window to either select a deck from any open player’s list or “steal” a deck that a previous player selected. If you miss your 12-hour window you will be moved to the end of the order.

5. You may only select a deck from a player that has not had anyone select a deck from their list yet. This is referred to as an “open” player. Once a deck is selected from a particular player’s list they are referred to as a “closed” player.

6. You may only “steal” a deck that has already been selected up to two times. The second player to “steal” a particular deck gets to keep it. Once this happens that particular deck is referred to as “closed”.

7. If a deck is “stolen” from you then you may select another deck from an open player or “steal” an open deck when it is your turn again.

8. The game is officially over when everyone has one deck.

9. The official trades are made between you and whoever won your deck when the game is over. *Please note: You must be willing to commit to the outcome of the game and pay for postage wherever your deck needs to be mailed. Ideally trades should be mailed within a few days of the game ending.

10. Side trades may commence only after the game is officially over.

11. Good sportsmanship and side chat participation are both mandatory during the game.

12. There will be a saloon thread for after game discussion and to post trade updates.


Below is an example of how the game is played/will look in the opening post of the game thread:

banbha – CLOSED
Deck: Magna Veritas – 1st Steal
Link to player’s list of decks

Deck: J.K. Waite – CLOSED
Link to player’s list of decks

earthair – CLOSED
Deck: Dante Tarot – CLOSED
Link to player’s list of decks

POST BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE NOTIFIED ABOUT THIS TRADING GAME. *You will only commit to actually playing the game if you post decks in the official game thread within the first 24 hours of play.

*Also, looking for a few scorekeepers, please post/PM me if you would like to help run the game!





I'll be swooping. :D


Sounds great sign me up


I'm curious! I'd like to be notified please :)


Sounds fun, count me in!


I'll give it a whirl if I'm here that weekend :party: