From LaikonBoss : Printing Company Shipment VS your own shipment


Title: Printing Company Shipment VS your own shipment

Hello everyone!

Someone has chosen me to be the artist for a deck they want to publish and I also have my own that I am creating on the side. I went through the threads here (especially the recent ones) where people are asking for suggestions on good printing sources and realized something that has not been made clear enough, for me personally.

When you pick a printing company and you select the option of print-on-demand that means that the printing company is sending the decks out to your customers?
What if I want to purchase a deck (by demand) and have it shipped to myself? The only reason I would want to do this is because I am a big participant of the ATC trading community and feel that each customer should be treated individually. I would not want them to just recieve a deck with a book and perhaps a reciept. I like adding other goodies and things in the shipment to make it special.
Is this something that can be set up with the printing company? Or would I be better off just ordering the decks as needed from the company myself, then upon them arriving send them off to their true homes by myself?

Also... taking suggestions for good printing companies. I am also open to trading card printing companies as I have one that needs printing done. I have been looking at these two websites so far:
I ordered samples from them... I'll post updates/reviews once they arrive.

I'd appericiate any and all feedback that this community has to offer! <3



hm, this is a good question!:)

so far I've dealt with few POD companies(you can check my blog review here ) so here is my experience!:)

when you upload your design to POD you can order it to
a) your home address or
b)directly to your costumer address,
and there are POD that have options for you to set up your shop so people can order for themself without you doing anything!:)) those are my fav!^^ let's call it c)

however if you wish to order larger amount of decks/bulk you get better price per deck from POD but you need to consider larger shipping cost?:) first to your home address then from your place to whatever part of the world your order go!:))
so before you do that(order 500decks i.e) be sure to check out with your local post office how much they charge per parcel?:) and maybe even check local printers who could do your printing?:) that way you are supporting local printers and saving on shipping +most important can add all sort of personalized autograph cards,gifts/extras like spreadcloths, bags, purses, bookmarks etc!^^:)) for plot sake we'll call this d) local printing/shipping option!^^ lolz :)) and personally this is what I would like to try for my Tarot deck oneday as I've noticed most popular Tarot publishers do it that way!:))

whatever you end up choosing be sure to post us about your progress!:))
all best!^^

p.s for good printing companies you'll probably want to check this topic
I'll pm you for more info!^^:))


Thank you! I'll check that thread and website out.
I have been contacting local printers about this to get prizes plus quality comparison.
I look forward to getting that IM from you. :)


np! happy to help!:) feel free to ask me anything!:) pm sent!:))
imo local printing should be best!:) maybe even going for limited edition around 100/500 copies as that way your deck price can only go up!:)) also be sure to check out kickstarter or indiegogo!:)) so you can at least get general idea how well your deck is received and spread the word it exists!:)) lolz



There are a lot of printers to choose from, and I think the first thing you need to decide is what you want your deck to look like.

What kind of stock/paper do you want? How thick, and what is the "feel" of the final cards? Do you want something that can be printed in small quantities (probably do digital printing for this) or a larger run (500+ decks? You might want to look into offset printing for this). Quality varies from printer to printer, but offset printers are usually known for the highest quality prints, but also costing the most and requiring the largest order for a cost-effective product.

Do you want your cards to have a specific effect? Do you want to use a glossy card, a matte or uncoated finish, foil/gold/silver edges? Will your box be full-color printed, or will it have special treatments like foil stamping? Will the box be a tuck-box (like a normal set of playing cards) or a rigid set-up box (like the Golden Thread or Prisma Visions)?

These are all additional cost, and while they make the end product good-looking, usually means you need to spend a good chunk more money and buy larger quantities since the costs are often not 1:1 correlated. Do you see your deck being a small-time limited run, a "hobby" or personal deck, an artisanal boutique deck, or a full-fledged commercial deck?

Now most importantly, do you know where you'll be getting the money to produce the deck?

I know that's a lot of questions, but that'll help you find what printer and processes are right for you!


reall - that makes sense! I have been looking to launch a project on Kickstarter already for some prints of ACEOs but never thought about using it for launching my deck. I'll definetly look at it. I have yet to explore indigogo but I shall now - thanks!

Arthur - those all great questions! I think I should first just put together questions like that for myself then find answers to them. Once I have answers I'll know what I want to do with my deck at the final stage. Which, as you said, should help me decide what printer options to look at. Thank you for sharing!