Froud Faeries Oracle..any views on this deck?


pickled pixie said:
Thank you so much for the warm welcome into the study group and hopefully soon I can join in (bit pressed for time though with a 3 year old and a three month old!!) I have slowly been reading through all the old threads about these cards and I have noticed that you really DO love this deck (didn't you take them on your honeymoon!!??!! :eek: :D ) I must admit I am taking them everywhere with me and am even dreaming about them!!....and I do think that they are already being cheeky and have hidden my mascara!! oh well better be off before the men in white coats come and take me away...hehe...
Yep they went on the honeymoon (and to the wedding), and they come to work with me. Like I said I never leave home without them. The few times I do, I feel very odd and naked *LOL*. The only place I don't take them is to the hot tub, but that is simply because I have not found a 100% accurate protective device for them to swim in ~giggles~. Give me time.

Please note that like any true faerie thing, this study group is flexible and is free-flowing. They are open discussions and we are trying to slowly get a thread for each card (got quite a few of them but not all). But this deck is learned through experiences (which the book exercises provide for starters). The only deadline type work we do there is strictly voluntary and it is the Faerie Seeker rounds (reading rounds) and we have began some healing work with the faeries as well. Other than that it is open discussion so no time pressures. It is just a matter of showing up and jumping in.

Don't bother saying please or thank you, just ask them to return your mascara. I usually give them a time frame. Then return and you might be surprised to find your mascara in an obvious place that you KNOW you looked at before. Does sound like they are enjoying getting to know you ;P


Jewel said:
I did continue doing exercises for the other cards as they came up in my daily draw - favorite/least favorite questions depending on my reaction to the card. But that is me, and I am notorious for studying things to death *LOL*.

What you??!!?? Study things to death?? NO WAY!!


celticnoodle said:
If you don't mind using the book, and you don't plan to use them for face to face readings, I highly recommend them! I'm glad I have them. One other thing I was not too keen on with this deck though is the fact that the cards are a bit flimsy feeling. However, the artwork and stories make up for that, and I'll always love my little faerie's!

When I first started with the Tarot, I spent quite a lot of time reading books about it! I personally don't find the cards flimsy at all, they are quite comfortable for shuffling.

I didn't set out to be a Faeryreader, or a faery artist for that matter. They chose me. I've been doing readings with them for six years now, at first I'd look up the meanings, but over time I learned the character of each card and now use them quite intuitively. They are a part of me now, and I've had some profoundly moving and accurate readings with this deck. I let my clients choose their deck, and the Faeries' Oracle gets chosen as often as not, the readings are very positive and enlightening.

Water Lady

I thought I was not a fairy person but all the talk and my desire to have a Fairy and Angel deck drove me to buy this.
I LOVE it. I have been looking at the cards and reading about it and can not believe how in tune I feel with them.
I want to work my way through the book this way but may have to do a few reading along the way.
They just have so much to say about life. I am sure they will be guiding me through mine.

pickled pixie

Hi nan :)

So glad you like the FO I remember recommending it to you a while ago in another thread! I'm glad that the Faeries found their way to you :D

There are loads of threads in the study group which you will find so helpful on your journey with the Faeries :)

Enjoy them, they have a way of changing your life forever! (in a good way ;) )

pp xxx