Future children spread


Hi guys I am new to learning tarot reading and was wondering if there is a spread I can do that would predict if I will have any children in future or not. Any advise or help would be great :)


Hi Mya
Have you checked our Tarot Spreads Index? There are several that you could probably easily modify, like spreads for Families, Generations, Timing Spreads and Yes/No-spreads.
Yes/No spreads would be useful if you wanted to know whether you will have children or not.

Here's one from the index that might be useful for you if you think "yes" is the answer and you want to know more. You can modify it:
All-purpose outcome spread

1- Situation:
(the significator may go before this) This describes the situation the querent is in, and the difficulties or challenges faced at the time. This seeks to give the querent more knowledge of their situation, and put their challenges into context.

2- Solution:
What the querent needs to do in order to move on, solving the problems and answering challenges. This may be advice on what the best course is to follow, or it may point out important things to consider.

The remaining cards could signify children. You could lay a card for each child you'd like to have

3- Outcome #1
5- Outcome #2
7- Outcome #3
These describe the most likely future situation which can result as a direct cause of the current situation.

4- What is needed for Outcome #1 to occur
6- What is needed for Outcome #2 to occur
8- What is needed for Outcome #3 to occur


In #1. you can lay two cards. The Significator would represent you at the moment (you can pull it from the deck or choose a card that represents you) and the Situation would be your wish to have children.