I only recently got my Faeries Oracle, and asked for a faery to be with me this weekend, as I couldn't take the Oracle; Gawtcha jumped out.

I love her (I think the book says he, but mine's definitely a girl) to bit, she's so sweet, even though she causes a lot of problems; we forgot the code for our tickets, so had to re-order (didn't have to pay extra, but it made us stop and think), and I forgot my railcard, which I was sure I'd placed in my bag! Naughty Gawtcha!

She's so cute, though, you couldn't be angry with her. It's as though she does things to make you sit up and actually pay attention to the world and then peeks out from behind her hand, worried that you'll be mad at her. Awww!


Faeries are awesome....

Gawatcha is so different in my world - Gawatcha is the Faery who guards your own worst secrets; the ones you can hardly face yourself, much less imagine others knowing.

Gawatcha was my least favorite card. Just looking at him brought up an issue I had been struggling with for years ... forcing me to look at it, even if it was only with one eye and my fingers covering my face to block out the rest. I looked at it.

And, I kept looking at it. Gawatcha wouldn't let me forget about it, but to deal with it.

And, one day, I pulled Gawatcha and "remembered" the painful event ... and realized that I hadn't thought about it in months. I had moved on.

Gawatcha's one eye looks bloodshot to me at times, and clear at others. It usually tells me how I'm feeling about whatever it is that I'm afraid to face.

I just love that your Gawatcha is so different from my Gawatcha, Dark_Angel.... :D


You all SOoooo make me want this oracle deck! ;)



Gawtcha's so sweet to me, she seems to be a prank faery rather than an issue faery - like she wants me to play and have fun, to look at things and see that they're not really that important, it's just that I make them feel that way.

G.Hobyah's my issues faery, he hasn't come up in any readings yet, but when studying I get the distinct impression he knows exactly what I'm scared of and worried about, and is going to try and make me jump with it!

Nevada34, you should definitely get this oracle! xxx

Shadow Wolf

I'm gonna' have another look at gawtcha.

I think she's working in my life too and didn't realize it until I
started reading this thread.

There are issues coming up that I have already dealt with and she's there to remind how far I've come in facing my fears.

There are other issues that keep coming up that I'm really at point of saying "all right already !!! I 'll deal with it just to get you off my back !!!" My weight is one of them. I 've been on sooo many diets that haven't worked, that I've been trying to accept myself this size and move on. Then Gawtcha says "What are you afraid of ? What's the real reason you can't or won't lose the weight, you know you're not really happy !!!!"

She certainly gives you something to think about !!!!
And won't leave you alone until you do something about it.

I also feel that if Gawtcha is popping up in your life it means you're ready to deal with it now. She's lighting the fire under you !!!!!

(My butt has so many burn marks on from those darn fairies !!!!)

I'm working on projects I've been neglecting, I've solidly chosen the path Himself says I've been on for quite some time already,
and Ffaff the FFooter started me thinking about my path in the first place....................................

Those fairies really keep you hopping !!!!!!!


I know!!! They're starting a crime wave in my house! lol.

Shadow Wolf

I haven't had them out to play in a few days. They are sitting quietly in their pink and gold bag...........................

They are maybe a little too quiet, that can't be good !!!!

Maybe I'll take them with me to work. Their little faces make a hard day a little easier, and today I DO NOT wanna' be there!!!!

Thanks for reminding I have't played with them for awhile and for bringing Gawtcha to my attention, I'll have to have another look at her and thank her for helping me to face the issues I've been avoiding!!!!!

Now I have more confidence to tackle them, because she wouldn't be jumping up and down, laughing and pointing amd calling me a "scardy cat" if I wasn't ready to face them in the first place.

I could actually see myself going back and forth with her on the
"scardy cat" issue.........

Am not !!! ARE TOOO!!!! am not !! ARE TOOOOO!!! and so on
I know she's going to win this argument, she always does !!!

Well gotta' go . Hope you all have a great day !!!!



Today my hairbrush vanished... then fell down from nowhere (I mean, there was nowhere it could have been that would have let it fall there). I think Gawtcha's trying to tell me not to be so worried about my hair ( I usually spend about half an hour doing it)... either that or there's a cute male faery she's trying to impress! lol. (I think she'd get on well with Ta'Om, but I'm not going to push it).


I thought about this thread when Gawatchal (that's the silent L on the end, he says) showed up in my 3 card Faery reading yesterday.

I decided to read, was shuffling my faeries, focussing on the issue I wanted to read on, and I just "told" the Fae that I was doing a 3 card reading, no positions applied, but (half thought went fleeting past) "... geez i never know when to stop shuffling anymore."

As if to answer my dilemma, three cards came FLYING out of my shuffling hands the instant the thought appeared, and landed together. They were the three cards for my reading alright. I knew it as soon as I saw Gawatchal's face.

They were : Unity, She of the Cruagh, and Gawatchal.

And I went, "That's the Hope (Unity), that's the Fear (Gawatchal) and that's the answer (She ... Cruagh)."

The rest of their messages were more personal and for me. But seeing Gawatcha's face in this reading really drove home that yes, this is a "power faery" for me.


She's definitely my Power Faery, lol. And she looks so scared by the responsibility. xxx