Gay Tarot - The Intuitive


Wheee I finally got the deck! You were right, Tarot Garden is much more reliable than Amazon.

I wasn't kidding when I said this would be my last deck ever. I'm entering a point in my life where budget is limited, but also interest in expanding my collection has waned. I can't get enough of this one and have spent hours and hours going over the imagery.

Did you intentionally obscure the Intuitive's hair when you created his card before the other Twos? I couldn't believe it, before I'd known the guy had a ponytail, the card is a spitting image of me! And I'd just gone for a park walk the night before, what an insane coincidence.

I much connect more to the way you've brought our favourite esoteric Tarot family down to earth. Love IT.


Hi Glaucus, glad you're enjoying the deck! :)

I can't take credit for the hair on the Intuitive and other such details on the cards, which are mostly attributable to our wonderful artist, Antonella Platano. I basically wrote a scenario for each card, i.e. "A young man stands near a lake, looking at a reflection of the moon in the water." Antonella added many little details of her own which improve the deck immeasurably.

-- Lee


I'm pretty sure the Intuitive is my favorite card...

I chose it for my fourth card in the Self-Image spread, before I even realized it's the II card... The High Priestess :)

I relate to it as well as the High Priestess, if not in the same *exact* way...


Lost in the Stars ...

I'm glad you people see his face as mystical or dreamy, because to me he is scowling slightly! No veils, pillars, or torahs in this card! the LWB says ot best:"Looking within for answers. I sometimes feel that earlier comments about the HP being 'Right principle;wrong gender' are quite valid. The way the HP gets presented is always that she is part of the 'feminine mystique' and then it turns into a grey area, leaving men to wonder why they have to talk to a women who won't tell you anything unless you ask the right question! LOL! Doreen Valiente said in 'the Charge of the Goddess' :If that which you seek you find not within, you shall never find without. I can work with this card very easily, for I can translate it's image into what i know about the card.

So, when do we get to see some hairy or older guys???

Lady Mary

I think the Intuitive looks a great deal like the young Elvis Presley. ;)